Pics and video from grappling trip #2.

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by TNcat, Jun 18, 2007.

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    As I told you guys from last week Iam now hooked "no pun intended" on this grappling stuff. So I recieved a phone call from the same group of guys I went with last week and invited me to go with them again saturday "and of course I said yes". So to make a long story short we ended up with 15 Flatties, 5 over 34", you are allowed 1 cat over 34" per day here in TN per lic holder, and we had 6 Lic holders. And also 3 of those over 34" went over 40"............I mean what else could you ask for. All together they weighed 287LBS, thats better than a 19 LB avergage. I have posted some pics and a video, the one in the video I belive went around 20LBS.
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    Wow Jeremy those are some Cat's there....Dont know if i'd want one on the end of my arm though lol:ah:

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    Nice fish, and an interseting way to get them, but are you telling us that you killed 287 pounds of flatheads?
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    Didn't watch the video but not sure exactly what grappling is. I take it there gaffed out of the nests?
    Mo. tryed a expermintal noodling season and have discountinued it because studys showed due to fungal infection, NO eggs survived when the fish was removed from the nest. When a female flathead spawns the male will guard the nest. He fans the eggs with his fins and that is what keeps the eggs clean and fungus free. Same study showed that 50% of those eggs will survive if the fish are undisturbed on there nests.
    Guess were lucky here that Missouri recignizes catfish as a game fish.