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    A friend from work is going to fish a club bass tournament on Pickwick
    in september. He asked me if he needed license in Tennessee and
    Mississippi to be on the safe side since they sometimes do a lot of
    running. I told him that normally if you are licensed in your home state
    (Alabama), your boat is registered in Alabama and you launched in
    Alabama the other states would honor your license. But I am not positive
    this is the case. I told him I would post the question on the BOC and
    one of my brothers that fish Pickwick would give us a good answer.
    What about it guys? What is the normal practice on Pickwick? Thanks, Poppa
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    Pickwick Lake
    The reciprocal agreement between MS and AL states that the sport fishing licenses of EITHER Alabama or Mississippi will be recognized in "All that part of the Tennessee River and its embayments and impoundments between the junction of the Tennessee-Alabama-Mississippi line and a north-south line projected across the Tennessee River from the eastern end of the Old Riverton Lock (mile marker 226.6), EXCEPT and exclusive of that part of the Bear Creek embayment lying south of the Southern Railway bridge. (Signed Sept. 1960)​

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    If he has Alabama License he can fish all the way to Pickwick dam on them.
    Yellow creek he can fish to why 25 bridge on the waterway. So he can fish the whole pickwick lake.
    What ramp is he going to be using?

    From Tn we can fish up to but not counting Bear Creek, We have to stop at the north point of bear creek.
    From Tn we can fish all of Yellow creek in Ms but have to stop at the Tom-Bigbee waterway bridge at Hwy 25 Scruggs landing.
    If your from Al or Ms you can fish all of Pickwick dam all the way to the dam.
    Both states were trying to get it where they could go below the dam to the Power lines below the ramp. But that did not fly.

    Its nice now used to be when I fished bass Tournaments on Pickwick back in the 80's I had to buy 3 state license to just fish Pickwick. Not any more Its sure nice.

    If your buddy can tell me what ramp hes using I may be able to point him to a few spots that should hold some Nice Small Mouths that time of year.
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    I wonder about us old guys who dont need a license. Are we safe to fish on a River between two states?
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    :wink::wink: I think you are covered....