Pickled Banny Eggs

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    For a few years now I have been using pickled banny eggs in a farm pond. I raise chicken so when I read an article about wacky baits and found out other people were using eggs I had to try it. After a slow start I found that the small eggs boiled and shelled then pickled in a brine made of vinager, small onion ,and garlic clove for about 20 days worked like a charm. Put small onion (cut in 1/2), garlic clove (pealed), and as many eggs as you can fit in a quart jar, then fill with white vinager (make sure all eggs are submerged) now seal the jar with the lid and store for 20 days. When I get ready to use the eggs I put a treble hook on a leader and a snap swivel on the other end of the leader. I use a homemade needle made out of a close hanger to thread the snap swivel side of the leader thru the egg. Slide the egg down on the hook. The main line has a lead and bead then barrel swivel tied on. Now attach the snap to the free end of the barrel. Some times I spickle a little garlic power on the eggs before I cast. Please try this only where you plan to keep the fish, because a 2 lb channel will swallow the hook deep. So try this trick and report back good or bad , it work for me and I know I'll keep doing it.

    P.S. This bait is edable and taste pretty good so save some for the fish.
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    Pickled eggs and sardines on a soda cracker.
    Who needs caviar(sp)!!

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    i just got 15 banny chicks, so when they grow up i will certainly try that. it will give me something new to work on.
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    Ya know folks I have fished with Derrick and his eggseptioal bait and it works great on channel cats. But you don't want to ride home with him in a closed up vehicle after he has eatin a few of his bait while fishing. You talk about eye watering ,good lord. He didn't say though that you can slice the eggs up into smaller pieces and put on a regular J hook. You gotta try it, but if you do and decide to eat your bait make sure you have a well ventilated way home LOL.
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    Funny...I just purchased a small jar of pickled eggs, and ate them, for the first time last night. That also explainns by bedroom this morning:crazy: They went down especially nice with a cold beer in the other hand.
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    Take you some summer sausage,cut in about 1/2" slices,put in with those eggs,let them pickle about them same time."Make you slap your MOMMA! I use 50/50 vinergar and water,put in a little picklen spices!