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Discussion in 'Bird Hunting' started by stinkbaitman, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. stinkbaitman

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    south dakota
    do any of you guys come up to south dakota to go pheasant hunting? we dont even actually hunt for them that much but we just see them on the roads and stuff and shoot them. its pretty easy to limit out.
  2. Howie Ketchdem

    Howie Ketchdem New Member

    Id love to go out that way and hunt pheasants but have never gone. i hunt birds in michigan though our season just opened on the 20th but to much corn up still so have had no luck...

  3. whodaman

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    Des Moines Iowa
    i go pheasant hunting alot in the winter and this winter was no different. It was late about 3 or 3:30 and i seen him siting under a ditch evergreen he flew i shot him walked up to him and snatched him by the neck and rung it thought it was dead and put it in the trunk of my girlfriends car go into town to my buddys house to clean the bird well when i opened the trunk the bird popped his head up and he had a whole new life upon himself so i quickly shut the trunk and look at my buddy and say well what do i do now. So what i did was crazy i reached in and punched that bird like it had just insulted my mother i knocked him out and got a hold of him and i finally broke his neck. I have been pheasant hunting many of times and i have never had a bird that just would not die. Which is the reason why i refer to that bird as the chuck liddell of pheasants
  4. massa_jorge

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    we have loads of them in the tx panhandle, but i haven't been in the last two seasons. they are talking about giving us a longer season next year, so i might have time to squeeze a few hunts in.
  5. elklover1964

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    I am a pheasent hunter....and have been for many years. I do enjoy the thrill of the chase....and seeing a rooster take off in flight with the morning sun shining on his colorful feathers, is a beautiful site.....
    I have not been out as much the last couple of years.....It is not easy for me to do since the passing of my most faithful hunting companion, Maggie, my yellow lab.....I do, however cherrish the memmories of our many hunts together, and someday I will once again have another yellow when the time is right.....