PETA Protecting Cockroaches?

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    This is just so ridiculous it is worth sharing. From the Political Grapevine with Brit Hume, Fox News.....

    Save the Cockroaches

    The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is broadening its portfolio to include —- cockroaches. PETA is calling on the Six Flags theme parks to cancel a proposed competition in which people will try to break the world record for eating live Madagascar hissing cockroaches, which can be up to three inches in length.

    PETA says insects do not deserve to be eaten alive for the Halloween marketing gimmick and that it's been flooded with protests. But a Six Flags spokesman says the only complaints so far have been from people who didn't get a chance to sign up for the contest. The world record for eating cockroaches is 36 in one minute. Anyone who beats that gets a season pass for four people for next year. If you eat just one — you can get in once free.

    The full article is found here,2933,219999,00.html

    This is just hysterical! I wonder, does PETA also go after Fear Factor for the consuming of stink bugs, sheep eyes, nightcrawlers, meal worms, etc, etc?

    Too darned funny...