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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by catfish_jordan, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. catfish_jordan

    catfish_jordan New Member

    whats your biggest pet peeve. mine would be that people dont clean up their dog's poo so later i can step in it.(its just my luck)
  2. catman529

    catman529 New Member

    not sure, but one thing I hate while fishing is when somebody comes down with their dog, lets the dog jump in the water, throws big sticks, then a big splash and a wet dog sloshing through "my" fishing water. the people who usually come down with their dogs are nice enough to not let their dogs in where someone is fishing, but I move around so pretty much everywhere is "my" fishing water.

  3. CatfishHateMe

    CatfishHateMe New Member

    fishing line/packages/cans/anything else left around the river bank. i hate it and i make an effort to take as much as i can carry up with me to the car. also, when people park in 2 parking spaces, then i pull up to a nice parking spot only to find out that my dads truck is to big to fit in it. GRRRRR
  4. Scott Daw

    Scott Daw New Member

    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    mines work related. I hate the dead beats that call in. they dont pay their bill for 6 months so we cut their service. then they have the audacity to call in, blow up on us like its our fault their kid cant watch cartoons cause their folks are deadbeats & then whine & demand a supervisor when we say they have to wait 3 days for a reconnect once they pay. why should a deadbeat get special treatment and get skipped to the front of the line instead of waiting like everyone else? If they have the $ to pay up to reconnect then why not put some effort in paying on time even if its a partial payment so they dont get cut. or the yuppies that say well I've been unemployed for 5 months so I couldnt pay my bill. They'll have every gadget & premium service we have. If your in trouble, tighten up the belt, cut back on stuff to lower your bill till you got a job. Go out & get a junk job somewhere & be a real man with a paycheck even if its not in the same tax bracket they had been in, while looking for something better. Dont cry to me cause your ignorant.

    Thank you
  5. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    besides trash on the shores I absolutely HATE chewing gum thrown on the ground I really do ,I quit chewing gum when I was 13 because I stepped in a wad
  6. Jerry60k

    Jerry60k Member

    Chelyan, West V
    My biggest pet peeve would be someone saying "I cant do it" without trying to see if they can.I know alot about alot because I have never turned down a challenge.I hope to pass this trait on to my kids.My son doesnt say it and he is only 8.

    Just remember Cant could never do anything....
  7. kat in the hat

    kat in the hat Well-Known Member

    I have a bunch, but off the top of my head I'd have to say that I hate it when people don't know how a 4-way stop works. Or when they keep rolling up to the stop and never actually stop, then go out of turn. I actually hate it when people don't know how to drive period. How 'bout when you're at a stop sign waiting for traffic to pass, and a car turns without a blinker on, so you have to keep waiting when you could've gone had you known that car was turning in advance. I could keep going. If you don't know how to drive, please learn.
  8. Ictalurus Punctatus

    Ictalurus Punctatus New Member

    Greensboro, NC
    I am with you 100% there Matt. There's a little joke at my house about me "tolerating all of the other *mortal* drivers" :wink:
  9. Mickey

    Mickey New Member

    I don't have a pet peeve but it does bother me when women stop in the aisle at walmart and have a family reunion.I have seen the reunion so big that you have to go two isles around. Sorry. I'm sure our BOC Ladies refrain from this.
  10. Flintman

    Flintman New Member

    OKC, OKLA.
    I have decided to open a turn signial repair shop in Okla. City. I think I can get rich. People don't use their blinkers or 80% of the cars in OKC , have broken signal lights.
  11. olefin

    olefin New Member

    I have plenty about other people driving for I'm the only one that knows how to drive. :lol:

    Well there is one... these people that are going to make a right turn, they move part way over in the left lane like they are pulling a long, long trailer...when they're not! And usually like Flintman said, they don't use a signal. We got plenty in AR that don't know how to use a turn signal.
  12. Monsterkat11

    Monsterkat11 New Member

    here goes my driving related pet peeve, people on the highway that are in the left lane going slower than people in the right lane, IT'S THERE FOR PASSING PEOPLE! not just an extra lane you can hang out in!
  13. samh

    samh New Member

    Mine has changed in the last few years, we got into the rental property business 3 or 4 years ago after we got out of the dairy business. Now as the houses become empty we are cleaning the up, fixing them up (again) and selling them. I have come to the point that I don't trust or believe anybody and have learned that the nastiest animal on earth is people.
  14. bootshowl

    bootshowl New Member

    Indiana, J
    Mine is the "Check yerself out isles" at the stores now. If I'm gonna go in, pick it off the shelf, take it up front, check myself out, bag it, then carry it out to the truck; I might as well sweep the floor and do a little stocking for em too while I'm there.
    We have become a nation of Lemmings.
    I'm already pumping my own gas while they're pumping me....What's next? Take yer own fish to the pay lake?
  15. MRR

    MRR New Member

    Well to start with one of my many is people pass you, get back in front of you ,go ahalf block and want to make a left turn.They come to a stop so you have to .why couldn't they just stay behind you for that 1/2 blk(.I know they can't stand being behind a truck.) Another is no turn signal usuage.people coming to a almost stop to make a right turn.
    Guess the biggest one though is the neighbor wanting to know where you going or where you been ever time you go somewhere.Don't really think it's any of his busniess.just noisey I guess:roll_eyes: .Could think of a lot more but won't go into details.
  16. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member

    kat please dont go ahead and turn out in front of somebody just because their turn signal is dont know me but someday we might become friends.and i would hate to lose afriend because some idiot forgot to turn off their turn sig.
  17. alands94

    alands94 Active Member

    Lebanon, I
    Mt 2 biggest pet peeves are laziness and dishonesty. It seems that the 2 often work hand in hand. Since I work with lots of people everyday, I see both on a daily basis.
  18. coach

    coach New Member

    Greenville , Ms
    alright, here it is .......... the get rich quick idea ...... how do u spell relief at a 4way stop .............. the thru grill , air powered , rotten egg shooting gun...........gotta have a push button on the steering wheel to fire the thing.... u can see how everything else works ............. now let that sucker come to a rollin stop and go thru the intersection before it is his/her turn !!!
  19. LiquidSteel

    LiquidSteel New Member

    La Vista N
    People that show up and fish right on top of you or walk through my lines.


    Last summer this happened to me. An older guy brought his grandson fishing. I was fishing off the bank, sitting between my rods in their rod holders. He walked right into my lines and asked me what I was doing there.....
    I noticed he was wearing a volunteer fired dept shirt, and I have alot of respect for firefighters, so I gave him some slack.
    Then he and his grandson proceeded to fish no less than 10 feet from me. I was the only person fishing off a large jetty(sp?). And at this point, Im just anoyed. But then the grandson starts throwing rocks, large rocks in the water right where we are trying to fish, and the older guy doesnt do anything to this out of control 8 year old. So, I moved, only to be trailed by this kid that was obviously bored with his grandfather.
    I ended up leaving, with no fish, and just about bit my tongue off but I didnt say anything disrespectful the whole time............
  20. buddah

    buddah New Member

    Pennsylvania Wi
    when people say let's go fishing and dont bring thier own tackle and pitch a fit cause they wanna go home in 10 minutes if they havn't got a bite! Oh, and trash on the ground.