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Pesticides.. are they an issue in River Cats?

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I recently started Catfishing on the MN river. It runs through a lot of farm country with considerable run off. Most of the people that I talk to think that its harmful and the fish are full of chemicals. (Note: Catfishing is not a sought after fish in a state full of Walley, Bass and Pike) According to the DNR stats for the state of MN they make no mention of that (pesticides) as a safety issue. At first I was content with catch and release but after reading the recipies and posts on BOC. I was ready to take a bite out of a couple of live ones last time I was out fishing. My thoughts are that most of the runoff is basically harmless otherwise it would probably be illegal.
And I would really like to eat some of my catch.
Any input appreciated.
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Thanks Catbird and Dreadnaught for the feedback. I cant wait to catch some soon and have a catfish dinner.
Thanks for checken Catbird. I had been checken the same stats. My concern wasnt so much mercury and pcbs....... but pesticides. Your vote on the eating out of the Ohio and Dreadnaughts experience farming was a the info that I was looking for. I did take you up on your recommendation to follow up with the EPA. Still waiting to hear back from them. If they everget back I let ya know the details.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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