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Pesticides.. are they an issue in River Cats?

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I recently started Catfishing on the MN river. It runs through a lot of farm country with considerable run off. Most of the people that I talk to think that its harmful and the fish are full of chemicals. (Note: Catfishing is not a sought after fish in a state full of Walley, Bass and Pike) According to the DNR stats for the state of MN they make no mention of that (pesticides) as a safety issue. At first I was content with catch and release but after reading the recipies and posts on BOC. I was ready to take a bite out of a couple of live ones last time I was out fishing. My thoughts are that most of the runoff is basically harmless otherwise it would probably be illegal.
And I would really like to eat some of my catch.
Any input appreciated.
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One other thing to keep in mind when eating catfish. In Catfish the toxins accumulate in the fat of the fish. Which in catfish it is the red meat or mud vien that runs down the middle of the fillet and towards the outside of it. Cut this porting out, it doesnt taste good any way, and you will lower the chance of toxins. Like was said before the smaller fish have less in them than the bigger ones.
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