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Quick Details
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:yanshi
Model Number:YS-001
Other Names:pervious concrete admixture
Application:pervious concrete
Solid content:98.0%PH value:6.0-8.0
Function:improve strength
Package:10kg Bag
Packaging & Delivery
Selling Units锛歋ingle item
Single package size: 45X38X10cm
Package Type:paper bag inner with PE bag
Super moisturizing permeable concrete enhancer
Super moisturizing ecological permeable concrete enhancer, concrete mixing station dedicated pervious concrete reinforcer
Use: municipal road, bicycle road, office area, parking lot, community road, garden road, square, sports ground and other places.
The SRS moisturizing permeable concrete enhancer has good construction performance, good moisturizing function, can delay the construction time, suitable for long distance, long transportation time.
Research and development objectives of SRS Super moisturizing ecological concrete Reinforcer:
Break the routine, break the aging, change the traditional pervious concrete fast dry, early setting, short construction period, can not meet the commercial pervious concrete relatively distant mixing, the construction site stirring dust pollution, noise caused by environmental protection problems.
Research and development process of SRS Super Moisture pervious concrete reinforcer:
In order to keep the pervious concrete wet for a long time, delay the initial setting time and keep the strength of the concrete, this paper tries to find a kind of material with modern science and technology.Through brainstorming, the talents of scientific and technological personnel and technical workers are mobilized, a large number of experiments are done to find theoretical data in practice, according to the different seasons, temperature, water ash this as well as mixed material level ratio and other scientific practice to get creative effects.After a year or so of construction practice developed the product, put it on the market.
SRS Super Moisture pervious concrete reinforcer Originality:
SRS super moisturizing pervious concrete enhancers can be evenly mixed with water, gravel and cement in a certain proportion to produce moisture, retarder, enhanced performance of high quality, excellent pervious concrete.The special pervious concrete reinforcer for the concrete mixing station has high compressive strength, good construction performance, good moisturizing function, can delay the construction time, suitable for long distance, long transportation time, make the cement slurry package even, excellent permeability, suitable for long-distance transportation and commercial mixing station.Solve the environmental protection problems such as stirring, dust pollution and noise in the construction site.Pervious Concrete manufacturers
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