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    Since many of us are likely to haunt our favorite forums exclusively, I am posting this in all the fishing forums.

    I have read in several places where some anglers will injure garfish by breaking the jaws or throwing them onto the bank. I believe this act, regardless of which type of fish it is purported upon, is cruel and unnecessary.

    We all have our preferances of targeted fish. The killing and mutilation of fish, which we deem unfit, not only reduces potential food sources for our target fish but, reduces the numbers of certain fish targeted by other anglers.

    I personally couldn't care less about largemouth bass or any other kind of bass, crappie, walleye, bowfish, gaspergoo, mooneye, grass carp, common carp, bullhead, asian carp, smallmouth buffalo, black buffalo, mullet or any other kind fish I don't like to eat. However, unless the state deems that they are toxic or invasive, they go back into the water or are cut up for bait as the law allows.

    We ARE the stewards of our invironment. To those that destroy animals for the sake of satisfying your own preferance, I would hope you will have a change of heart and be considerate of other animals and other anglers. You are not GOD and I hope that the judgement you pass will benefit animals and people alike.

    End of rant.