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personal best flat on a pole

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i caught this one friday night at 9:00 on the washita river north of the wynnewood okla. bridge on goldfish.this is the biggest flat ive caught on a pole...

im pretty new here i use to read the old forum alot but was never signed up , when i seen this new one up i got signed up :)
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I caught a 32lb flat in a tourney in rising sun this summer. My biggest so far. Maybe some day the fishing club will give me a copy of the pic. Vern
Steve, thats a fine catch, but where is the smile? lol
lol...that was about 1:30 and i was ill try to put one on for the next pic..he he

32 is a nice flat, a go noodlin with a guy from work , this summer he pulled 46# about 3 miles from where i caught this one...
Nice fish Okie, stay after 'em buddy, I would stick with the gameface I don't care what Wolfman says lol. I love a good Catfight.
thanks guys, forgotten the river is down right now, im fishin in about 4 to 5 foot of water. i have to wait til the river goes down to fish this spot, because the place im sitting would normaly be underwater. its sorta like a island in the middle of the river with water runnin on both sides,,

lol, and thats my tired and a lil drunk face..... :D big is the Kitty in your avatar?
Congrats on the catch!! That's a nice flattie! Keep after em! ;)
thanks guys, i got 3 more land owners that the river runs thru im going to check out soon, maybe i can find another one.3 weeks ago i lost a good fish that felt a lil bigger than this one, i was just trying to tire him out when he broke my leader,prob. on a rock. oh well i got about 6 min fight out of it
35 lbs is my biggest so far. All we use are poles. If I can't catch him on a pole, I don't want him. There is no sport in fishing with jugs, limb lines, trot lines, etc. Now if you want some to eat, that's OK I guess but no fun to me.
If I can't catch him on a pole, I don't want him.
Im kinda the same way, i like pole fishin myself,if i had more time id be out there too, but i got some throw lines i use when i dont have time to sit on the bank, that way i can check um a couple of times a day and get some stuff done around the house ;)
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