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I was reading an article on off-the-wall baits tonight and ran across this tidbit (not sure about linking).

"My father-in-law, 70-year-old Hansel Hill of Alpine, Arkansas, says anglers on Arkansas' Lake Greeson frequently use ripe persimmons for bait.

"In fall, when persimmons get ripe and start falling, it's not unusual to clean a catfish that has a belly full of them," he said. "Years ago, when folks discovered this, they started using persimmons for bait. And they learned real quickly, when persimmons are available, they're one of the best catfish baits there is. I've seen folks load a boat with cats by baiting their hooks with nothing but persimmons."

Anyone ever tried persimmons? I know it sounds like a novelty bait, but they will be ripe in a few more weeks...
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I have a hard time not eating them all, the ripe ones that is, lol. Now if they would bite green ones, we probably wouldn't even need a hook. We could just jump in and grab em while they are busy puckering up and making faces, lol.
never heard of it, but have tried a green persimmon myself, just to be able to say I had. First and last time for a green persimmon all in one.
Yep, persimmons are good bait. Muscadines and mullberries are pretty good too. Well, there goes all my fall bait secrets...

Am I retarded or are there other people out there that don't know what the heck your talking about. What is a persimmon?

If I am retarded please disregard this message
I had known since I was a small boy in the south that Muscadines and Scuppernongs (Grapes) were great bait.My Grandpa showed me where channels would set up under tree that had wild grape vines on them and eat them as they fell in.Only problem I have is not eating the grapes myself.I had never heard of the persimmon thing but why not.
Big Nick said:
Am I retarded or are there other people out there that don't know what the heck your talking about. What is a persimmon?
They are this fruit.

Our persimmon tree pair produces more than a family would want to eat in a season, plus enough for me to try them to fish. Unfortunately, it is very dry here, which seem to be hurting the bite, but I am itching to try them and muscadines. Maybe some natural and local bait might trip 'em up.
I've got my eye on a few persimmon trees. I am curious how to use them. Do you hook them on whole or mash them up and mix something with them for a dough bait?
Ive never used them as fish bait but a group of persimmon trees was my hot spot for archery season deer hunting for years. Persimmons are ripe on the trees around here right now and it always happens right at the start of archery season here. I have some video I shot of three deer standing on their hind feet trying to reach the higher persimmons.. all three deer are standing at the same time.. its a cool shot. My first buck with a bow had a stomach full of them.. looked like he had completely gorged himself. If you can find a patch of persimmon trees on your hunting land.. you need to be right there early season... if they are ripe ..if not ripe.. dont waste your time but keep checking the spot until they do ripen. When the get so ripe that you can smell them as you walk by the tree they will draw deer and other wildlife from long distances. Ive also seen coyotes and fox eat persimmons right off the limb. I was surprised to see that but then again.. my yellow lab eats my grapes that fall off the vine all the time and loves

Good luck.. Sam
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Ok guys please do not polk fun at us Arkansas folk :D We will try anything to cats a big ole cat! :glare: You all should see some of the concoctions that I come up with :eek: ! I gonna go to the simmmon tree now :D see you later ;)
I never caught any deer around our persimmon trees, but I do know those trees were always full of possums. We use to have persimmon fights too. Take a 3 or 4 foot green switch and sharpen the end, stick on a green persimmon and you can chuck that thing a hundred yards. They hurt too when they hit you, lol. Great memories.........
willisjj thats funny you said that cause while reading this thread
i was thinking of the good times we had busted each other with those messy things LOL and your right they sting .....
better yet they leave a telltale splat that makes it even more enjoyable:D
you get the satisfaction of seeing how squarely your shot hit...HEEHEEHEE
and yes they are good to eat too but better ammo.:rolleyes:
would like to try some of these fruits (grapes muskies and persimmons)
we had a tropical fish called a pacu i think this fish quadrupled its size in a few months and it would eat fruit and nuts lettuce you name it.
it looked like a pirahna.

after witnessing its dietary intake i believe catfish would eat natural foods off of trees ..........

seen a turtle grab a walnut and swim out to a felled tree in the water and set that nut up on top and swim away.
i figured he was going to let it ripen or something it was strange.

along came a squirrel and it spyed that walnut and walked out on the log
and reached down to pick it up when all of a sudden


the turtle shot up and grabbed that squirrel pulling him under the water!!!!!

a few minutes later the turtle came back up and set the walnut back up on the top of that log.

squirrel the other ,other white meat .. squirrel its whats for dinner :p
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You've got to be kiddin DRC. A turtle that baits for his food?
I've never heard of such a thing. Thats something that national geographic might be interested in. LOL
yes ... it was a story but a good one though ,you'll have to admit LOL:p
jeeze. its getting deep around here. going for the waders. lmao. :D
LOL Maybe the Turtle will beat the Hare if would stop taking squirely lunch breaks?!!!!!
Once during archery season here i poured out a 5 gallon bucket of persimmons i picked up for deer. They were on the corner of a pond levy. About 45 minutes later a turtle(loggerhead about 30 pounds) Sticks his head up like he is smelling them. Goes down comes up 10 feet away closer to the persimmons. next thing i know he crawls out and gets one and goes back in the water. he eats persimmons like this till dark. Guess maybe a cat will eat them too. Lots of persimmons here now will try this.
welcome to the boc speedy !
thats pretty neat story about the loggerhead.
i bet they would like those persimmons, i know we had a
problem with tortoises eating our (my grandmas and mine) strawberrys
you could see the shape of there pointed mouth in some of them left on the plant.
i would like to find a persimmon tree and try this out on cats.
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