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    Illinois 2007 Catstock V Gathering
    June 22,23,& 24th..
    Pere Marquette State Park
    Any of us going from Missouri or St Louis?
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    what is it?.... (<--- those dotse were in order to get my post up to 15 characters) What a stupid rule.

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    This is out of the boc member gatherings thread for the ones that havent been over there for awhile. Good luck and hope it is a great success!!

    Pere Marquette State Park

    For Reservations beginning Feb. 1st... 618-786-3323
    Rooms at the Lodge... 618-786-2331

    Post here and I'll add names to list of who will attend, I'll also post in the Missouri section so anyone from Missouri wanting to attend can.
    We can have 2 tents per spot or 1 camper and 1 tent.. So those of you wanting to share a spot can.. Plenty of parking.. Playground for the kids.. Shelter for Saterday morning breakast, in case of rain..
    Showers and restrooms within site of most campsites.. Sites 2 thru 30 are reservable..

    1. hickshh......Cabin at site 13....... bisquits and gravy.... eggs
    2. Sean76
    3. Kutter
    4. bigredsbbq... meat and side dish
    5. Veets ( possible )
    6. MRR
    7. Krieger
    8. bearcat
    9. alands94..... donuts and drinks
    10. screen......Linda's Famous Chocolate Bars... Mine Allll Mine...
    11. Michael Jake
    12. Believer
    14. gander
    15. dgde4x4man ( won't make it this year )
    16. BigCatDreaming
    17. FishMan
    18. wolfman ( possible )
    19. psychomekanik ........ Campsite 4
    20. bluecatnut... Dutch Oven Cobbler
    21. cats4uandme
    22. Whistler ( won't make it this year )
    23. d querrero1
    24. brstone01
    25. bowhuttinbubba

    List of Events:

    1. How not to throw a castnet.
    2. Sinker Making.
    3. Possible Big Fish Contest.