Percy Quinn state Park

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    Anyone done any serious catfishing here?

    At the south end of the lake, there is a place where the water spills over a concrete dam, down a slope, and into a pool where the water is slowed down by concrete "pillars" before it washes into a stream and off into the woods. I ahve personally seen huge gar and bass come out of this pool.

    It's about 100 feet wide and 50+ feet front to back, but it's only 4 feet deep or so. From what I have read about catfish, it seems that they wouls love that "pool." Has anyone ever tried to pull catfish out of there?

    Seems to me like throwing a small baitfish or crawfish into the water and letting it drift through would HAVE to trigger the strike of any lunkers there. Anyone ever fished it?

    It's only an hour and a half from here. I have thought about taking a trip to find out. It really has me wondering.

    Because of the bait fish that drift through, there would be an endless supply of food for any fish. The water never gets high enough to wash them out either. I bet there are a few decent size cats in there.