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Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by Blind In Texas, Dec 6, 2009.

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    Caught me a blue this afternoon. In his stomach were FIVE perch and one crawfish. All of the perch ranged in size from 2" - 3". Very uniform sizes. The blue was 5 pounds. My bait was a piece of cut gizzard shad my son netted 15 minutes earlier. I cut the giz' into a 1" x 2" pieces. Little did I know that my bait was the same size as the fish he had been hunting for.

    My guess? Cut baits in the sizes mentioned above, for the evenings. Larger baits for the mornings when they haven't had much to eat and are ready to hit something big. I am going to use this technique and see what comes of it. Maybe nothing, but, hopefully a MONSTER!!
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    thanks for the update... seems like a lot of guys use smaller bait as the water gets colder, and larger as the water warms up. fish eat all the time and very it according to the time of year, so i dont know if the morning fishing bigger baits will have any correlation to more production, however i am interested in hearing your results.

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    I don't know how much water temp has to do with bait size. I will normally fish big baits in the dead cold winter but sometimes have to size down because that is what the fish want. Seems to me that here on Tawakoni that we do more downsizing of baits after the water starts to warm up in late winter early spring. But that theory can have holes shot in it all the time. If I am not on a good pattern at the time I will vary baits and bait sizes until I figure out what they want that day.