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    I have a tank at home im holdin anywhere from 60-80 perch in, i can keep em alive for long periods of time however it looks like either there starting to eat each other or for some unknown reason there losing scales and shown bald spots on the sides... is this just them pickin off the weak ones.... or do i need to increase my feedin times... right now i usually throw in a handfull of goldfish flakes a day plus some worms every now and then...
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    How big is this tank??Does it have anything else in it other than fish??It could be there overcrowded on each other and are bumping each other and picking at each other..They could also be stressed or diseased..Ick will cause scale loss..Bacterial Hemorrhagic Septicemia is caused by overcrowding and can kill the fish if not treated with some kind of antibiotic..Maracyn 2 is a medicine you can get for bacterial infections it sells at petsmart..

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    I ran into a similar problem on keeping minnows. They would eat one anothers tails off and turn red around the gills. A store that handled fish farming supplies told me to treat the tank w/ teramycin. It can be bought at farmers coop stores. You have to drain and clean the tank. Scrub it really good and then treat the water. This causes foaming. Seems like there is no short cuts in keeping bait. Contact a store that handles fish farming equip. Good luck.
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    I keep chubs and bluegill in a tank and they get along pretty well sometimes the bluegill will eat the small chubs but otherwise the only problem is i find myself cleaning my filter ever other week. I would say for your problem get another tank and seperate the small and larger ones.