Perch, Blue Gill etc. Help?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Dogfish, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Dogfish

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    Obviously fresh cuts of these little fish are what does it to land a big cat. How do you catch these darn little suckers?
  2. catboy210

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    I use a rod and reel with small hooks and a small chunk of worm

  3. kat in the hat

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    I have a friend with a few bait ponds that always have large traps in. Used to do it with rod 'n' reel, but in my increasing laziness and work schedule, I find it easier to make a phone call and go pull a trap out of a pond. They also make small traps which are sold at the leading discount retailer for about $3.50. These work well also. Just ball up a slice of bread the day before, let the bread dry out, throw it in the trap, throw the trap in the water for a couple hours, and you got bait. Fishing for them is alot funner if you got the time.
  4. ka_c4_boom

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    you can cast net bait fish or rod and reel them with a small hook and a small piece of slug , slugs work well and stay on the hook a long time .
  5. slimepig

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    Kerrville Texas
    i use a cane pole with floating fly line and a 3 foot 4 lb test leader. i use the smallest long shank hook i can find, usually #10 wire cricket hook down to a #16. with the #16's i can even hook minnows. i use a tiny piece of nightcrawler maybe 1/8 inch piece. for perch i use a telescoping crappie grabber pole with a small styrofoam cork, a small splitshot halfways between the cork and hook. for the minnows, i just have the hook and no cork or weight.
    if im gunna be out for a couple days, then i have a 24"X24" cloverleaf trap that does great baited with bread or dog food. i think the plans for this trap are in the library here.
    i also use an umbrella net but that takes a lil more work to catch bait.
    have a cast net, but too many stumps and rocks here to use.
    those hooks i use are hard to come by sometimes. you might get lucky n find a #10 wire cricket hook at wally world, but dont expext to find any smaller. I find the smaller hooks around here at convenience stores that have that lil corner setup with tackle that looks like has been hanging on the wall for years.
    hope i helped.
  6. Guns & Cockpits

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    Fishing the Colorado River it's pretty simple. The bluegill will go after just about anything you throw in the water. You can throw little jigs out there, they bite 'em. You throw a trout spinner, they bite 'em. Hook and a worm, they bite 'em. They're fairly small in size, but plenty big in aggression.
  7. Pastor E

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    Beebe AR
    And on utlrlight equpment fun to catch to:cool2:
  8. mch4fishing

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    East Texas
    Yes Sir that thay are. Some times we get out the ultra lights just for that reason. O ya but when we are looking for bait a cast net fills the need.:cool2:
  9. tthomas83

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    Kingwood, Texas
    I've been using my sons lil snoopy pole to catch the perch while im catfishing.. I hook'em he reals them and we both have a good time. My sons only 3 so keeping him interested takes many a perch. My problem is keeping the turtles off my bobbers and off my cut bait.