Pepsi 400 Stewart and Hamlin ?

Discussion in 'Wolfman's Nascar Pit Stop' started by wolfman, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. wolfman

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    Who wrecked who? Did Smoke wreck his team mate or did Hamlin just let off too much?
  2. s_man

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    In this state the guy who plows into the back of another car is cited for failure to control. It may be totally different in Tony"s world. Either way I must applaud the 11 and 20 for graciously getting the heck out of the 24's way LOL.

  3. LiquidSteel

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    Tough call. I would have thought that the spotters would be chatting to each other since both of these drivers are on the same team. Im sure Joe Gibbs staff was standing by with di-fibulators ready to go.
    In the interviews, Tony blames Hamlin for stopping in the corner, and Hamlin said his car was off, but he didnt let up in the corner....... Id like to be a fly on the wall with Gibbs, drivers and staff all in the same room!
  4. Phil Washburn

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    stewart screwed the pooch on that one, and, as usual, blamed someone else:angry:...hamlin said he had the pedal to the metal all the way around.

    stewart just thinks that he should never have to pass someone..they just should pull out of line and let off the gas when he is behind them:roll_eyes:
  5. catfishjohn

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    When doesn't Stewart blame somebody else for his idiotic driving??? He can be in a 1 car wreck and it'll be a guy's fault thats not even in the race...:confused2:
  6. Mark J

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    If they werent team mates we wouldnt even have a thread about it.
    Its just part of the soap opera.
    Take away the team status and it was two cars that got together and wrecked just like the other un named events of last night that occurred between drivers and cars.

    I was watching it for the wrecks anyway. Thats the entertainment value I get out of it. No wrecks I go to sleep.:big_smile:
    I dont care who tears it up or causes it to be tore up but there has got to be some mangled sheet metal for it to be a race.
  7. jim

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    Tony has a way of pointing the finger elsewhere but in the Busch race was it, he screwed up something and told his crew they deserved a better driver than Tony Stewart for that.He is having a bad year but shoulders the blame when he screws up something on his own.I just think they got together like Mark said and I agree as a Hendricks man thanks for getting out of the way.I wasnt happpy with the Hendricks guys pushing Mears on bad tires when Kyle had a shot but I think Jeff and Jimmy were remembering that the outside lane usually wins as it did again.I give Jeff credit for pushing Mcmurray when he had the chance.You have to push who is in front of you if you want a chance to get the lead yourself.Same thing Carl Edwards did and McMurray thanked him for it.Hendricks had a chance to lead both trains there at the end but it was every man for himself with two to go.Thats racing!!!!:big_smile::smile2:
  8. tufffish

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    maybe tony had something in his eye. he has been trying and wrecking the 2 for several weeks. i think he forgot who was in front of him and had a perfect shot to turn the car in front of him. i was glad it collected him this week. he really helped out the hendrick crew as all 3 collected a lot of points that hamlin let go.