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Discussion in 'Garden Tips And Talk' started by Ethan MacManus, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Ethan MacManus

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    My father is growing peppers. Does it(the plant) only grow one set of peppers. Or once you pick the ripe ones do more grow back?
  2. 223reload

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    They'll grow as many as you can eat as long as you keep em picked and ,dont forget the Miracle Grow every two weeks I have found it to be a pepper plants best friend.

  3. Bayoubear

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    near that hellhole dallas
    unless its a variety ive never heard of... chilie plants are indeterminate in nature and keep on producing. a very general rule of thumb is the hotter the chilie, the hotter the weather it thrives best. for the most part i keep my bushes picked clean thru late july allowing maximum plant development before i worry too much about fruit harvest. give them some time and they should soon throw out another flush of blooms.

    habeneros, cayennes, jalepenos, hot wax, tabascos, pablanos, and bells ive harvested up thru first frost. keeping in mind however we are in completely different zones... one tip that may or may not be of help is to alternate your chilies with tomatoes. the t'maters will get big and bushy crowding out the chilies but when they die back from the apex of summer heat the chilies are ready to jump up. saves me space in the garden for more stuff.
  4. cliff n york

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    south carolina
    try leave some plant in the garden over winter. of course they will die off but some will come back next spring, i have three chilli petine (sp) that came back