Penn Squidder 140

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    Hey guys. I had an old armoir I needed to sell. I took it to a little shop and the old man offered me 75 bucks. While I was browsing I found an old Penn Squidder 140 reel. It is in great shape and doesn't look like it was used too much and still really smooth. It does not have a level wind. Well I told him I would take 75 bucks and that real and he didn't want to but finally gave in so I got me a new reel! I was just wondering if anybody has ever used this reel and what ya thought. thanks!

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  2. alton

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    I learned to cast using Penn Squidders when I surf fished in Florida many years ago. I still had 2 of them until last year when I sold them. I have a soft spot for them still. I would still be using them if I fished from a boat, but I only bank fish the river and usually in current, rocks and all kinds of debris, and the retrieve on the Squidders are too slow to keep the hooks and sinkers out of trouble. It is a very reliable old horse of a reel. Good luck.

  3. Jollymon

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    MAX they are my reel of choice ,but i use them surf fishing an trolling in saltwater ,also now use them for cats fishing out of boat,i did change to a power handle a longer handle
  4. dex

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    Yes I own a 140 black sides I have replaced my plastic spool with an aluminum one and even went to and learned to mag my 140 it is a great reel.
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    They are an awesome reel and can cast a country mile. A solid workhorse for sure. Tight lines.