Penn Slammer, Penn Mariner - anyone?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by JBrooks, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. JBrooks

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    The Penn Mariner:

    MODEL # MB2050C66

    6' 6"- 1 piece

    20-50# Line Weight

    Black Reel Seat w/Black Stainless Hoods

    Braced Ceramic & Medal Eyes/Guides

    EVA Foam Grips

    13 Inch Upper Grip

    5 Inch Lower Grip

    4 Double Wrapped Heavy Guides + The Tip Top

    Solid Construction

    Red/Gold/Black Wrap

    The Penn Slammer:

    6' - 1 Piece

    15-40# Line Weight

    Nylon Gimbal w/ Butt Cap

    EVA Foam Grips
    Graphite Reel Seat

    Ceramic & Medal Eyes

    Stainless Steel Cushioned Hoods

    5 Guides + the Tip Top

    Came across these on EBay and was wondering if anyone has tried them out before I buy them and tie them to some 209s. The seem sturdy, and they're considered boat rods.

    The seller is selling them brand new in a pack of two and they're about $60 for both of them. And I seriously can't see a downside to buying them, especially 2 of them.
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    Mesa, Arizona

  3. Iowa_Josh

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    I just bought one, I think it is a slammer 15-30. It is a combo of really light tip and heavy butt. The foam handles are kinda easy to snag. The guides look fine, haven't used it yet.
  4. lookin_4_moby

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    I gotta slammer as well but haven't been able to use it. waiting on my abu 6500 to get here for it. the tip is a lot softer than I like but once you get a foot foot and a half down the rod y ou can feel the backbone. I think it will be a real sweet rod to go with circles because of the tip