Penn Senator Reels

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by FS Driver, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. FS Driver

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    i recently won a penn senator reel off ebay and it looks like a very sturdy reel , but i am a bit confused as to what the levers are for or how they
    are to be used. anyone familiar with these that could steer me right i would appreciate it.
    the reel has 112 H on the (handle) side plate and 3/0 H on the opposite side. so what is the actual number ?

    as far as the levers i have the question about....
    the large lever on the (handle) side if i pull lever back the reel free spools
    if its forward it retrieves.
    the opposite plate has a small button that when pushed forward it creates the very audible clicker noise and when back wards it is barely audible .

    so from what i gather after casting out i leave the right side lever back to allow line out and as long as button is forward the line out alarm (clicker)
    will sound out?

    now as far as casting goes should i have large lever back and
    slide button back also??

    thanks in advance. sorry to sound like a penn rookie but i AM:embarassed: .
  2. catgetter1

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    Sounds like your on the right track, About the free spool though, them Senators are big time about backlash. Iffen I was you I would ease up on the drag and leave it in gear with the clicker on. I've had some very large saltwater fish hit and run so fast that all I had ta show fer it was birdsnest. Once a fish is runnin you kin feed um line by engaging the free spool,with your thumb on the spool fer pressure. And then tighten the drag, engage the reel and rip some lips. I've got a 114H / 4/0 that I bought in '68 still in great shape. Alittle big fer kitties though. Enjoy, and may ya catch a biggin!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. peewee williams

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    Look up the "PENN" site on the net.You have one fine reel for fresh and salt water if you put it on a saltwater rod.I have a Penn 5/0 GTI 345 reel on a 7 foot Daiwa BeefStick to use when I wish.Works great and BP has the rods on clearance now very cheap.peewee-williams.