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    i was woundering if you guy could help me with some thing i fish the missour river for big blues and i use 7ft cat maxx rods i was woundering wich reels would be best the penn 310 gti or the 320 gt2 i will be useing big whight and like 40lb mono:big_smile:
  2. GaryF

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    Either one of those would be great. I use 310GTI's and 100lb (20lb equivalent diameter) Powerpro. I think with 40lb mono I would probably go for the 320GT2 just to get more line capacity. The 220GTO is also pretty good as a budget category reel option

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    I have been using the penn 209's.

    I really like them except for they have kind of a slow retrieve which if you are just cranking in your bait is kinda annoying but is nice for fighting a big fish since it is easy to crank.

    I use 100 lb power pro and can fit over 200 yards of line on them.
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    for 40# mono id say the 320 gt2. i like these they are pretty mutch the same for less$$$ the cast controll and drag are amazing:eek:oooh: the clickers are a let down:embarassed: but a rarely use them anyway:big_smile:
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    Dear Brother Maybee;
    Chris, as the others have mentioned, either reel is a good choice. Personally, and this is just what it is, a personal observation, I would go with the larger capacity for the, I think you said 40# Mono.
    I too, use the POWER PRO lines in the 20#/100# size and I really like the advantages the line offers. Not to say I don't have some spools with Mono on them and in different weights and all, but my first choice is becoming more and more the POWER PRO spooled Reels. :big_smile:
    Of course, line, like reels, rods, hooks, knots, ect, is a PERSONAL CHOICE matter that can be debated all night long on the water while waiting for a "BIGGUNN" to take that bait!:wink::smile2:
    If you do go with a braid line be sure to remember the little "extras" you have to do when using this line and you won't have any problems.
    Hope this helps ya out. I agree with the others, your off to a good start!:big_smile:
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