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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by T Man, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. T Man

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    I was looking over 40 years of accumilated fishing tackle and I came to this conclusion: The only reels I got that are over 20 years old are Penns I have one penn that is around forty and i still fish with it . I have a 5 gallon bucket full of reels that are not half that old that are junk I fish with 209 and 9 s they are GREAT cheap reels that with a miminal amount of care will last and last which brings me to this I have been looking at the penn international 965 which is a $239.00 reel Is this reel that much better than the old stand bys Will it compete with the ABUs and shaminos? or are you just paying for the glitter and gold?
  2. thunderchicken

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    I have a Penn 209 that I have had for over 35 years or so. They are bullet proof. The international Penn's as far as I'm concerned set the standard for which reels are measured. There is a reason they are the number one reel on charter boats and deep sea vessels. The drag systems are absolutely awesome. You won't be sorry with a Penn. Tight lines.


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    One of my best fishing buddies has a 965 and it is that good. Far superior to my 6500s and in the same category with the shimano calcuttas
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    Have a few old silver series spinning reels and a couple of 7500 spinning reels that I have had about 10 years. got them second handed from an estate auction and still going strong. Just bought a new 320GT2 and love it.

    Have a couple of old Senator 6/0 that I couldnt tell you how old they are. they were hand me downs from a buddy who gave up bottom fishing.

    All my Penn reels have been fished hard and have always delivered cant go wrong with them.
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    I will say the same thing. Almost WORD for WORD. Just had the drag system on the SENATOR rebuilt, and MAN OH MAN, it's like a BRAND NEW REEL. What a deal compared to what one would cost today.