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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Stlnifr, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Stlnifr

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    South Carolina
    I am new here to this forum board and feel I came to the right place for answers to cat fishing questions. I need info on the Penn 320 gt2 I mainly fish abu's 5500 c and c3's. But am looking for something that will pull the big boys "20 lbs and up" out with ease. I have been thinking ABU 6500 C3 but also am considering a Penn 320 GT2. I know the penn weights more than a 5500 but it is not like I am going to be Bass fishing casting and retrieving. Now I will concede that I am not an expert at catching catfish but have caught my share from small ones up to a 57 lb flathead. I fish mostly in rivers here in South Carolina --- wateree, congaree and the santee. For years in the santee but now spend more time on the wateree. Any time I catch a fish I consider it luck. Thanks in advance for any replys.

  2. GoFish_Tony

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    Big Rock, IL
    Your right about one thing, you came to the right place.
    Welcome aboard George!!


  3. CatHound

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    I am also looking at the Penn for my next set-up. But I am looking at the 321GTi (it's the same thing but for wrong handed folks like me). I have another Penn that I really like but I use that mostly for deep jigging Macs and trolling. I also a couple of Abu Garcias. They are smooth casting machines, but if you don't need to cast at all, I think the Penn would serve you quite well.

    However, all I have at this point is data from reviews and tech sheet info on that Penn. But, from what I have read so far, it looks like a reel that would more than adaquately handle just about any sized catfish.

    Great question ! I'll be looking forward to reading the responses from people here that may have used them.
  4. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    George, I started the first 20 years of my fishing life with spinning gear. Then a few years back my friends and brother turned me on to the ABU baitcasters. They are great equipment and are very user freindly. Now that I am an expert at picking out backlashes I am leaning towards the Penns. I like their durability and power over the ABUs. JMO Vern
  5. slimcat

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    marion kentucky
    I have used them all pretty much and still prefer, as Vern said, the power and durability of the Penns. They just flat work. Its hard to bet against something that keeps on keeping on all the time. Penns reels are made to last. Nothing against the Abu Garcia 7000s, which have good power, but I just trust the Penns more. The 209 and 309 series can take a little getting used to due to there proneness of backlashing but if you set your spool tension correctly you will not have this problem. Just set it tight until you get used to it and then gradually back it off. The GTI,GT2 and GTO reels are a step up and are really nice with a faster but not to fast gear ratio. Hope this helps.

    DELLIS New Member

    there is no better way to go than a penn for durability but i do prefer the penn 309 over the 209 just because it holds way more line plus you can hear the clicker a mile away or in a deep snooze not that any of nod off at 2 or 3 am
  7. catfishbills

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    The "jury" is still out for me, but I just bought 2 more penns(220 gto's) and havent used them yet, but I have used my penn 209's and to me they seem more "heavy duty. I have 6 abu 6500c3's and they do cast better to me, but I dont really have to cast far in HEAVY current anyway! You wont go wrong EITHER way, it just depends on what your entented use for the reel is. I also think that the braking system on the Penns works better with heavy weights(6-12 oz) my abus wont really slow down that much weight and you have to thumb the spool more(just my experience) Hope this helps a little!:smile2:
  8. CJ21

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    I think the Abu 6500 C3 is a choice.
  9. jimmyk

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    the penn 320's are very strong and durable reels. that is all i use and i have two 209's for back-up. oh yeah, i fish with at least 5 rods in my opinion it's penn hands down. i have a abu 7000 but like the penns better.
  10. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    IMO, the Penn is the way to go. I've got a 6500, and while it's a really smooth casting reel, it just doesn't have any guts to it, not to mention very limited line capacity. For example, if you're using 30# mono, a decent cast will almost empty the spool; I've got 17# braided PowerPro on mine, and I can still cast almost 2/3 of the line off. With the drag cranked all the way down, I couldn't reel in a 10# blue in the swift water below a powerhouse without having to add drag with my thumb.