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Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by shortshank, Oct 29, 2008.

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    I went to order an idler gear for a Penn 209 today and a friend asked me to check on a pawl for a 320GT2 and he would split the shipping with me. I thought the idler gear is plastic and will probably be a buck or a buck and a half max. What could a pawl for a 320GT2 cost? again I figured a buck or two at the most. The gear was $1.25 the shipping was $7.50 the amazing part of this is multiple items shipped together was only $5.00 per item more. NO KIDDING over $15. for those two items shipped together. I said thank you and I will buy the whole reel on Ebay for that. Anyone have or know someone with these parts? Thank You Fellas

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    Hey brother, check your local tackle shops. We have a couple here in town that carry the parts, if they don't have them, they order them, and they DO NOT charge you the crazy shipping charges!!!

    Good luck!