Penn No. 9 level wind reel

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by winston61, Sep 20, 2007.

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    I picked up a Penn N0.9 last week. Cleaned it up, put new drag washers in it and re-lubed everything. Seems to be a sweet reel. Now the problem. How do I fish this reel? Is it strictly for trolling from a boat? Can I cast it and fish from the bank? I could sure use some advice on how to get the most from this reel. Thanks to all.
  2. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Edward, that is a great levelwind reel. It can be trolled as you said or cast easily enough. The 9 is comparable to the ABUs and will cast great. The key is to set the casting brake(knob on the left side) to the correct tension. This is done by disengaging the lever and letting the bait and weight freefall to check the speed of the drop. An optimum setting would be a noticable resistant while still dropping towards the ground continually. I have 2 of the Penn 9s they are great little reels. Vern

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    The reel cast well with either the aluminum or plastic spool.