Penn 209 - New vs used

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by USE TO BE, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. USE TO BE

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    I'm thinking about gettin 209 to try out. Used ones off Ebay typicall sell for $35 shipped. I can get a brand new one for $44 + shipping. Is there any difference in the older models and the new? Are the older ones better? I thought for $20 bucks more, I might as well get a new one if they are the same quality.

  2. Katfishing Cajun

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    The new are china made and the old are made in the USA! I have two of the old that I wouldn't trade for any reel! I have the Shimano 600 tekota's for when someone needs a rod &reel when I go. There's something about those old USA made 209's I just love! Good luck with your decision!:cool2:

  3. dex

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    The old ones are 100 times better than the new China built ones buy an old one off ebay and get years of use.
  4. DaveHufford

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    The used, and old, American made Penn reels are many times better than the new Chinese made reels. Nothing against China, but the owners of the American company decided to buy from cheap Chinese manufacturers. In the world, you get what you pay for.

    Buy the used, in good shape, American Penn reels on Ebay. Buy wisely, and not in a sweat. When you get a Penn that hasn't been used for years, do not crank it or force it. Old grease and gunk may have glued components together that you will ruin, unintentionally. Read some of the directions, on this website, and take the reel apart for cleaning. Put a set of new drag washers in it and you will have a reel that you will love to fish with, for years.
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    McKinney, TX
    I have never taken apart a Chinese Penn, but I have heard the parts are the same as the US made, and the stainless used is a bit higher quality than the US made 209's. However, I still would buy the US made ones on Ebay as they are, well, US made. These are great reels, and I do prefer the older Penn style and markings over the newer Penns, even the newer US Penns. The bullet handles and side plate markings look cooler and more retro than the new ones.. One mans opinion.... But you will like these reels. They are tough as nails and will crank in the big one. And the vinage 209's are well priced on Ebay...

    Good luck with your search, and remember, do not over bid on these. Pick a max price, add a dollar, and see what happens. You might get sniped, but that's why you added the dollar to your max price. These are fairly common on Ebay and there will always be another just as good to bid on.
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    yea i keep getting emails saying americans buy american products only this month to try and make a point but i dout enough people will do it.