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Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by winston61, Sep 11, 2006.

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    I saw a nice looking 209 at the local pawn shop and need a little help. Am I correct in thinking the lever on the upper right side on the reel is the one you move back and forth to cast and retrieve? On this reel the lever is stuck in the forward position. It will not move into the rear or cast position. The only way I could get line to feed out was to loosen the drag. Is this the correct function of this lever and can this problem be repaired? Are parts for the older 209s still available? Thanks to all.
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    yep that lever should move easily and it opens the spool one direction and engages the spool other direction. depending on the price it might be worth getting and cleaning up and oiling. without seein it, i wouldnt pay more than 10-$15 since it needs work. ive noticed around here that the pawnshops are way too proud of used fishin rods n reels. you can still get parts and even service from penn at
    good luck