Pena Blanca Lake - Bullhead exravaganza!

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  1. aburk

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    Tucson, AZ
    I fished Pena blanca lake last nght and caught about 30 bullhead in under 3 hours, they were really good size, the biggest being 3Lbs+, but not one channel though, we had a rod with cut blugill on it but nothing hit it. im thinking i should fish deeper water.There is giant channel here, ive caght them before, i just have to find them.
  2. Plowboy411

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    The big channel cats may be feeding on the bullheads. I've caught some nice channel cats and flatheads on 4-9 inch bullheads.

  3. Pappy B

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    Hey Aaron,twenty five years ago this was my favorite lake.The only thing I can tell you is to fish deep and wait for the water to warm up over 55 degrees.I've heard stories of a channel in the lake that is supposed to be 60# but,that was along time ago.I watched a guy get towed into the middle of the lake, from the rock with the plaque on it,when I was 14 years old.That was 28 years ago.I was bass fishing in a canoe when he cast out a gob of worms in front of the rock.He hooked up in a couple of minutes and got pulled towards the ol'boat ramp and sat for two hours trying to get 'em in.I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes.
    Good luck
    Pappy B