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Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by 223reload, Feb 24, 2007.

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    Any of you shoot pellet guns that might be able to help me out? I want to make a pellet trap but Im not sure about the correct angles on the sides and back I have a 4x4 foot sheet of 14ga steel sittin around and I need to build something
  2. flatheadchris

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    ive made a few,if the rifle u have is shooting under 750 fps what u have should be fine.

  3. south_va_fisherman

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    for mine i just picked screwed together some 2x2 sections of 1/2inch plywood and stuff the thing with old magazines. i shoot my 1000fps guns in the shed if its raining and the stop works every time. and cardbord box filled with newpaper, magzines, ect works great too. good luck!
  4. porboy

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    Richard, the one I have the back is at a angle of 20 to 25 deg with a small top going down to a large angle on bottom. I think any angle that would make the pellet go down into the bottom would work. You might post this question at [Link to forum removed, see the rules in the FAQ] and I'm sure that you would have plenty of answers. If you used the search there I'm sure you will come up with even more old posts from years gone by. I have one that has elec putty in the back to hold the pellets and to keep the sound down. Also a piece of carpet will do the same thing. Or else like one of the above posts a cardboard box with rags, magazines or newspaper will work for a short time. By the way, on my pellet traps other than the back part are straight up and down. Hope this helps instead of confusing you.