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well none of you guys called me and didn't think you would but I found the Pee Dee and fished it it for 5 days. first day I had something but it busted my 20 lb power pro and I restrung with 65 lb power pro with 2 - 4 ounce sinker. used 7/0 demon circle for first 3 days and couldn't hook em. on day number 4 i switched to old faithful 3/0 baitholder "j" hook and snatched a 10.7 blue cat, not my pb but good enough. gar were a bit of a pain but nearly as bad as they are in FL. I was prob fishing right next to some of you guys. You might have saw me. I was the guy with a white florida hat with gold fish hook pin on it and had silver earings, white work van fl plate marine corps. I know you guys were like whats up with the earings but here in FL its all good. Yall should have told me the main slogan up there is "WHATS UP BOSS MAN?" lmao!!!! I will get back up there again Rockingham is about 600 miles from me but I had a good time! maybe next time I will hook into one of those 40 pounders. Thanks to all of you who told me where to fish. In case your wondering I was using bream heads. I don't know if any of yall were there saturday night when the spanish people brought the generator down with construction lights??? LMAO!!! Guy asked me do you think anyone will say anything? I said nahhhh but I know deep down it aggravated everyone. I think the humming noise from the generator scared every fish away for miles... LMFAO!!!!
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