pee dee on 6-30-09

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    hello guys, this is my first report and its not good. went out today at the dewitts bluff and up river several miles. stopped at every deep hole we could find. we stopped at one hole and had a 60 foot tree fall about 50 feet from us. scared the hell out of me. anyway, we used live bream, cut bream, live eel and cut eel. we had a ton of fish that looked like bass or mullet hitting the top water all around us. we tried from 10 feet to 27 feet. we did not even have a bite. the river was so low past jefferies creek i hit bottom and clogged the water pump for a while. we did find the deep holes but could not seal the deal. we talked to several people on the river on the way up and they had no had a bite. started at 900 and stopped at 600. o well i will report again when i head out thursday i hope. see you guys.

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    dang thats a heck of a tree thats like friday in the storm i saw a streak of lightning and it sounded like a bomb went off it struck the big oak tree behind my house broke the whole front out bout had to go change my clothes

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    Welcome to the BOC, William. DeWitts Bluff usually produces fish. Hope you get on 'em today. Fishin' has been mighty slow up and down the Pee Dee of late.

    Bill in SC
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    If they're not hitting in deep water try shallow water. Never would have thought it would work until I tried it one day after desperation after not catching any fish in deep water. Now that's our go to spot for this time of year when water level is down. Don't catch as many as I would like but I do catch some. Catch a few gars as well if using cut bait. This is in the Broad though, so I'm not sure how well it will transfer to the PeeDee, but it's worth the shot. You should be able to get something to bite somewhere. Might want to try a different time of day as well.