Pee Dee at 34 8/12/09

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    When fishing feels too much like the steel mill, I usually stay in the air conditioning. But the temperature had dropped a little so I decided to get on the river and give it a try below the shoals at 34. I marked several nice fish on the fish finder so I was hopeful. I quickly had a rod double over, grabbed it too quick and lost him. The rest of the day was slow till my light weight flyrod rigged for bream...small brass hook and 8lb line... almost left the boat. It was a 12 lb. channel, but on a flyrod it was quite a battle. Mid-day the clouds started getting dark and when I heard thunder I headed for the landing. Not much to brag about, but it sure was nice to get on the river again!!!
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    Good report DeWayne!! Sounds like a lot of fun with a channel that size on a fly rod!

    Bill in SC