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Pb 120 lb Mekong cat, 50 lb red tail, 60lb carp

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see below for bigger fish
visiting Thailand. Caught PB cat. Idk 60-70 pound Mekong, 70-80 pound today
caught so many Siam carp 40-60lb , I had to take a break. They are stubborn, don’t tire, and on 30lb line on long rods will wear you out.
and a little red tail catfish 10 pounds.
50 pond redtail will wear you out!
There are 400 pound Mekong’s here and 300 pound arapiamas

ill upload some more later Water Sky Cloud Lake Fisherman

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Water Sky Cloud Lake Fisherman

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I got to fish in Thailand a few years ago. Unfortunately for me the bite was brutally slow due to a heatwave and all I caught was a few fish, small by those standards. Wanna go back and do it again.

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Wow, that looks like a dream trip!!!
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I see these arapaima every day. Will post video of feeding them. Giant aggressive like my goldfish just 3500 times larger
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ok. 120 lbs Mekong. More than an hour fight. Need heavier tackle. That’s my limit on 36# mono. 50lb red tail . Total;
4 red tail 30-50lb ,
2 Mekong 60-70,
one Mekong 120lb,
15 lb asain red tail.
I’m tired 90-100 f today and everyday. It did cool off a bit and sprinkle. Good day
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