Patting my Pet Peeve.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by postbeetle, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. postbeetle

    postbeetle New Member

    Pet Peeves. We all got them, some of them can be pretty weird, some can be pretty mundane.

    I am a weird guy and this one is mine.

    I live on a country gravel road. No big deal as lot of us do. We had the worst winter here in 40 years and the roads are bad, real bad. So what you ask? Well here we have motorgraders that keep the gravel roadbeds nice and travel able. After 7' ft of snow this winter and drifts up to an elephants rear end our motorgrader guy quit. So now after a month and a half they got a new guy hired. I think this guy came from Alabama.

    My pet peeve is this. This guy graded 3 days ago. Divots, changes in elevation every 100 ft, sods in the middle of the road, more gravel in the ditch than in the roadbed, no crown, can't move his blade so you can get by. Saw him lift and rest his blade for a carry and almost cut his front right drive tire. That nice beautiful near new taxpayer paid for John Deere, the one with an all weather cab that would put a Cadillac to shame. Air conditioning, stereo, a seat you would like to have in your living room to watch TV. This beautiful machine has more brains than the County Union guy running it. Full bennies, cradle to being drunk in the bar benefits after retirement. They even fix his teeth for nothin' Although it is not what I did for a living I have been on heavy machinery a lot. Show me the go button and the stop button and I can run it. Alot of guys are better and alot of guys are worse. Why can't they find folks anymore that know what they are doing? I don't care if it is the guy taking care of your lung cancer or the guy fixing your toilet. We will leave the lawyers out of this.

    What might be your pet peeve? You can't count this post as one.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    One of mine is whiners. WO IS ME! The ones that won't do a thing for them selves and expect everyone to do for them. Flat out helpless and useless. Sit back and wait for somethin to come thier way rather than make it happen. I respect the concieved power of prayer. However. Don't ya think gettin up off your butt and attackin a problem is more productive. I'll give to whoever needs a helpin hand. Just show me that you are tryin and not just sittin there whinein and waitin.

    Also ignorance and stupidity. Don't tolerate it any more. And if ya act this way toward me or I am around to see it. I'm gonna bring it to your attention. It sure do feel good.:cool2:

  3. thegavel

    thegavel New Member

    West Des Moines, Iowa
    Liars and people who say one thing and do another!
  4. CuzICan

    CuzICan New Member

    Fayetteville, A
    Judgmental people who don't have the log out of their eye but want to pick at the splinter in yours, dishonesty also. :sad2:

    People that squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle.
  5. Netmanjack

    Netmanjack New Member

    I don't have any pet-peeves, they all do pretty well with their limited brain power, good animals every one. Now as for people (especially the ones in mass media) I absolutely cringe when they substitute fer in place of for. The dumbing down of America, alas I think we're in it fer the long run! lol:smile2::smile2::smile2:
  6. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    Beetle, we live in very rural America. Population hasn't changed much sice Johnston tried to kick Sherman's butt over at Bentonville.
    Dad had an uncle that was a county ditch cleaner. He bought a brand new car every year after the tobacco market.
    His ditch cleaning job had no unions, pay, or benefits.

    You would hear him coming first, see him coming second.
    When he finally pulled in the driveway with that big arm hanging out the window and him licking his lips, tree limbs hung all up under that ride and mud caked in the wheels you would say yep, it's that time again. Twice a year he laid up with a carboy or two of fine corn squeezins he made. The first three days of a 2 week binge he was able to drive and clean the ditches for the county.

    If that guy is laying gravel in the ditches you might want to try driving there.
  7. SSgt Fishslayer

    SSgt Fishslayer New Member

    south carolina
    here is my pet peeve. people getting away with something that i get in trouble for. i recently got my butt chewed black and blue for not being in my office when "Top" wanted me here, mainly becuase i was taking care of the needs of my Marines. well there is another individual that works in my office that is constantly late and they dont say anything to him. And another thing, when i am out fishing with my wife and son and my buddy, and some guy comes up and sets-up rods on the up-current sde of us AS WELL AS the downcurrent side of us, pretty much boxing us in, that really chaps my hide as well. mainly because we were there 4 hours before he got there. i got my just desserts though, because the whole time he was out there, he didnt even get a bite (about 3 hours). during the same time he was there we caught 4 nice cats, the largest about 10 pounds. finally he got disgusted and left. these things really grate my nerves. and one final thing, someone thhat will talk trash behind someones back but not to thier face. when they meet them face to face, they act like thier best friend, but as soon as they leave, they cant stop running thier mouths about them. anyway those are mine.
  8. Mac-b

    Mac-b Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    North Caro
    My major pet peeve is when someone tells you that they are going to meet you at a certain time and show up 15 to 45 minutes late. Some of them have cell phones and will call with one excuse or another why they are going to be late, such as they had to stop and have breakfast or the convient store was out of beer and lesser excuses, when going out on a fishing trip.

    The people that drive less than the speed limit in the left hand lane of a major multi lane highway.

    did I mention bass boat operators ?
  9. fishing bum

    fishing bum New Member

    Victoria Texas
    M y BIGGEST one is someone making rules and regulations on how to do my job that couldnt wouldnt and will not do my job. But because they have read a book on it and they have mile long degrees on paper they are going to tell me how to do my job. This makes my blood boil. Well so much for that lets go fishing and catch a mess of whiskers.
  10. Water Wolf

    Water Wolf New Member

    My pet peeves are elistest people and people are judge others because there are so unhappy.
  11. bream reaper

    bream reaper Member

    Folks being late gets me too.
  12. zeboman

    zeboman New Member

    Lazy people, get off your butt and pay your own way and stupidity is hard for me to deal with.
  13. Jerry60k

    Jerry60k Member

    Chelyan, West V
    Loud-mouth people... not the loudmouth carrying on like alot of us do when just hanging out or drinkin a few beers.... The loudmouth type you hear all the way across a walmart squaling at thier kids,wife,husband.

    I am sure you all get my drift.Makes me want to strangle them.
  14. jeremiad

    jeremiad Well-Known Member

    My biggest pet peeve is me, most of the time! :eek:oooh:

    Every once in a while, I get it right, though, and that sure does feel good! :cool2:
  15. gottagetabigun

    gottagetabigun New Member

    some people in this country that want our traditions changed because they say they are being offended. things like the pledge of allegiance, christmas trees, nativity scenes, the ten commandments, the cross......
  16. baitchunker

    baitchunker New Member

    wow, i have a long list of pet peeves, and caged tyranical wild beast peeves. but, i will spare yall my mental instability.

    i hate being late. almost as much as i hate someone else who is late. i hate "cuddling", lets get to the good part allready. i hate hot beer! i hate ppl who pray for rain and complain when they get wet. a.k.a. idiots. i hate ppl who allways want, but never work. i hate myself for an innumerable amount of small reasons. i hate when you hook into a biggun, get him all the way to the boat and the hook shakes out.

    to sum it up... i basically dont like it when things dont go my way. but, i have learned to accept these things as being part of life. maybe not completely out of my control, but mostly. so i will go grab a used mcdonald's straw off of the ground and "suck it up".
  17. Catgirl

    Catgirl New Member

    I'm sure I could think of some bigger and better ones than the following, but here are a couple things that bug me.

    People who park in a posted fire lane in front of my neighborhood shopping center. Yeah sure, some are only in the store(s) a few minutes (I still don't like it!), but some think it is perfectly fine to stroll around leisurely for who knows how long. Maybe they oughta think about the possibility that there COULD be a fire while they're in there, but obviously they're too caught up in their own wants to be bothered with that.

    People who park in same said fire lane right in FRONT of the drive-up public mailbox. Hey, well lookie there! Plenty of space in the FIRE LANE on either side of the public mailbox.....guess they think since they're already breaking the law, won't hurt to kill two birds with one stone. I normally consider myself a pretty patient person, but this irks me to no end :angry:. If I am using a drive-up mailbox, I have a good reason for doing so - and have been known to pull up in front of or behind the parked vehicle, honk my horn and flash my lights, until someone comes out and moves it.

    (How's that BG? :wink:)
  18. Kat-tamer

    Kat-tamer New Member

    I have a different pet peeve every day!:smile2:

    Last night it was my grown kids excuses for not going to the visitation at the funeral home!
    When people treat you like family (or they are family for that matter) and someone dies in that family, you have no excuse for not going to the visitation! Gas too high, don't know how to get there, aint gotta car....BULL! No excuse is good enough!:angry:

    Todays pet peeve.....aint got one yet, been a good day so far, I'll let ya know later!:smile2:

    Everyday day pet peeves......
    People who would rather find an excuse instead of finding a way.
    Old people who drive 45 when the speed limit is 60!
    People who know it ALL and don't mind telling you what your doing wrong!
    People who whine about not having any money and wont get a JOB!!!!

    I gotta get off this thread, it's ruining my good mood!:wink::smile2:
  19. CountryHart

    CountryHart New Member

    Ya'll all got some legit gripes heah, but nothing and i mean nothing is worse than somebody putting the fodder on the roll so it comes off the bottom!!!:confused2:
  20. ozzy

    ozzy New Member

    Lost Wages
    My biggest complaint is bad drivers. They got there mercedes and bmw's and a cell phone and yacking and dont know what a turn signal is. My insurance is paid up so I aim but they swerve away at the last minute when I wont let them cut me off. Yes I do drive defensive to the hilt. :wink: