Patoka Lake

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  1. BIGCAT GarryEads

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    Francisco Ind
    Any one Fishing Patoka Lake for cats?

    BIGCAT Garry Eads :)
  2. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    nope gary i havent, sorry no info here. cant get my boat that far south for some reason. ;)

  3. hoosier angler

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    I fished a tournament there last year. Patoka is considered a good channel lake. I have only been there once but we caught fish. Get a map and use it.
    We primarily fished standing timber 20 foot deep in a cove west of the dam.
    There is also a lot of small cedars at the other end, some of the guys caught fish there also. Lots of snags there. I woud stay on the BIG wood spots.
    The lake is very diverse (see map) it has a lot of grass on the bottom 2 to 3 feet. Hope this helps. JA
  4. capt.kirk

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    i fished patoka 1 time for a tournament,i think it was 1986,won big cat pot
    and the tournament,won a pile of money that night,we had never been on
    the lake before and fished in a pretty intense storm,luck was on our side
    that night.i retired to florida but i would like to look it over and fish it again,
    take the above advice and get a good map and study it well,best i can tell
    the lake offers alot of options on where and how to fish it.GOOD LUCK
    KIRK :D