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    Plan on chasing deer this season with my new ML, Cabela's Hawkens, and am planning on using PRB as ammo. Anyone ever had any issue with them as a deer killer? Guns a .54 that likes 90gr. of 2f Goex. I shot a few with an Encore and XTP's a few years ago(it did well), but decided to go with a sidelock instead so am wondering about a PRB. Thanks
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    Charlie I don't know a lot about a 54. riflie cause I never owned that cal.But I've been hunting with the 45.and since 1968.The strightest shooting rifile of any type I have ever had was a CVA Kentucky rifile in 45 cal.with a rifiling twist of 1-66.Now that twist ain't worth a dang with mini balls or any type of pointed bullet but is great for round balls.The 2 I've had would hit a dime at 50 yds.and hit coke cans at 200 yds.I have shot 5 shot 5 balls into the same bullet hole at 50 yds many times and I even won money on a bet by hitting a strand of barbwire at 50 yds.A round ball can and will kill I know cause I've have killed many many deer with them but you have to place your shots because a rb doesn't have the knock down power a heavy conical bullet does.