Patapsco River catfish?

Discussion in 'MARYLAND RIVER TALK' started by photocat, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    Anybody know if there are catfish on the patapsco river? I know there are trout because the trout guys are nuts this time of year and line up shoulder to shoulder in some stretches of the river but I've never heard of catfish coming out of there... There are some great spots and most of the dams in the EC area have fish ladders for the shad and other andronamous fish which would be a good food source for fish when they run (like in the susy Q or Potomac)...

    I don't know i should probably just head out there and try fishing for them in a little bit when the shad really start running and after the trouties have cleared the pools below the dams.
  2. KaJaMa

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    I know a lot of the ponds that make up the river in Baltimore do. We've caught some real nice ones (up to 10 lbs) in them. My buddy said he's even caught one near the mouth of the bay by Ft Armsead (I think). I would assume they would be further up river as well...