Patagonia Where to start?

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  1. Talon Anderson

    Talon Anderson New Member

    Getting this itch to head to Patagonia. Where would be a good place to bank fish from? And to boat fish from?
    Night or Day?

  2. Pappy B

    Pappy B Guest

    If you're fishing from a boat I'd hit Ash canyon.From shore, just west of the swimming area.Both of these places have been pretty good for me but,I haven't fished at Patty for flats in over 15 years.
    Good luck.
    Pappy B

  3. gonecatn

    gonecatn New Member

    Head to the east end just west of the fish habitat and set up under the trees on the south bank. Lots of trees under the water so bring lot's of rigs, but you'll find the spots you can cast to and not get hung up. I catch channels all day on livers and throw out live gills for the flatties towards dusk. Worms catch the flatties in the day along with every other fish. Night time is best of course as they come out to hunt.
  4. SandyCatfish

    SandyCatfish New Member

    Tucson, Az
    :roll_eyes: I just got back from 48 hrs at Patogonia......I caught 2 small channels on Friday night, it was so cold we had to go back in by 11 Pm, I mean real cold or would stayed all night fishing, we were near the fish habitat...
    NOTHING ELSE IN 48 HRS...THE WIND WAS BEYOND MISERABLE. When the wind blows at Patogonia...just forget it. We did see one large flathead on our side scan, Friday night....30----40 lb. It filled the entire fish finder. We had no live bait...darn it. Sandy