Parents...please love your kids

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by BigCatDreaming, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. BigCatDreaming

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    Today I decided to fish this man made lake that has crystal blue deep water. I was having an awesome day except for this family next to me. This man had nothing to due except yell at his kids for the stupidest things. The boy lost a 25 cent bobber in a tree so his father made him carry all the chairs and poles up to the car without help. ITS A DANG BOBBER!Then he told his kid hes lucky that hes not his real father or he'd beat the sense into him. Then some guy brought 3 little girls with him fishing and "of course" they started to complain and instead of talking with him and maybe bargaining he just kept screaming for them to shut up. If you happen to be a parent fitting one of these descriptions...please think about what your doing. Kids do bite back....
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    Good post brother, I am definatly not going to raise my daughter like that. Positive reinforcement is better any day.

  3. IL Hunter

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    I hate going into Wal-Mart and hearing parents screaming at their kids. I see it almsot everytime I go in there. The worst is I heard a parent tell their kid to shut the **** up. The kid was about 4 years old. I can only imagine these kids are going to turn out bad too. My parents never treated me like that. Some people should need a license to breed.
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    That is a really unfortunate thing John, they obviously dont get the point of fishing as bieng time to relax and communicate with one another...there are some real @$$es out there. Please excuse my language.
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    i have three little ones myself ive been taking them fishing for years sometimes they act like they never been fishing before or had a fishing pole in there hands so i know what it takes to have patiance when it comes to fishing with kids and trust me they can push my buttons but i dont yell at them
  6. Fastman

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    But DO take them fishing.
    Get them away from the front of that TV and PS2.
    Im taking my little brother for his first 'real out-of-town' fishing trip this weekend.
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    I feel bad for the boy you described in your story. I see this sort of thing to and it makes me sick. As a parent I have learned patience and understanding is key to raising a child.
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    I carried my two little ones last weekend. I had a time with them that is for sure. I had to play referee. I have three, and I can take them one at a time, and they are a blast, take any two and the fight is on. "Daddy he is fishing in my spot" "Daddy she hit me with her pole" "Daddy he throw a worm on me" and it dose not stop till "Daddy" lets them know that I have heard enough and we are going home. They can push your buttons, I have to catch myself and sit back watch what I say, I don't want them to hate the sport, but to love going with their Daddy to do something fun. If you get a chance, go to the Louisiana fishing on the red thread and look at the pics I posted of my 5 yo getting ready to dip a 20+lbs blue. They loved it. It was the bream fishing that killed them.
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    You are so right on that. I know of a guy here that his kids wont visit him nothing I told him one day you really need to look back at your past and you will see why they dont respect or even like you. Its hard for anyone to like him.
  10. redneckdrum

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    After reading this post,I can see why some kid's hate to go fishing(or adult's, even to this day)Too bad you had to wittness something like this,John.Why can't people come to the realization that fishing isn't all about selfish little you & me,It's about exposing the family to the outdoor enviroment that God created for us to enjoy & thank Him for.I guess dad(or common-law dad)was too feeble -minded to realize that fishing can be the lifeline that saves them from visit's to the principle's office,jail,wrong crowd's or worse,a premature one-way ticket to their cemetary plot.This post reminded me of myself.I was just like those kid's John seen today. I can remember going out on the Osage River with my Uncle J#*@ when I was younger.The only time he was hateful was when he was fishing because everything had to go HIS WAY! He would call me names that were so terrible that I don't even want to use any symbol's on my keyboard to represent the letter's that would give you the clue's of what those word's were that came out of his filthy mouth.I realize this is John's post here and I have no right butting-in like I'm doing,but it just brought back some old,painful memorie's.If the kid can't cast,SO WHAT! If he/she don't know how to bait a hook SO WHAT! Let's just hope & pray those kid's take their dad's behavior's with a grain of salt.Fishing should NEVER be a bad expeirence.

    Did'nt mean to bore anybody here,I just wanted to speak my mind on this one.
  11. qball

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    People like that need some help in a very big way. I know my little girls will push me to the limits, but set back and take a deep breath. I just don't know what make growen people at that way.
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    I think what makes a man hasn't changed since I've been born, and that ole boy ain't no man. I know 15 and 16 yr olds that are more of a man than that. It makes me have serious doubts sometimes about the human race....

  13. r ward

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    I have seen some of the things describe in these posts have lived thru some and other things that probley would be considered abuse today what has it done to me well I did not yell at my kids in public nor hit them they knew what was expected of them and how they were supposed to act so when I see that I think someone did not do their job at home some of you have met my sons and you can draw your own conclusion