Papillion Creek

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    Has anyone in west Omaha tried fishing this? I live like a block away and just went and looked at it for the first time the other day. This thing is huge (for a creek) if anybody has ever seen the blue river this easily tops that off. anyway got me thinking instead of driving all the way to the missouri or platte for like a afternoon fish why not go and fish that. i would say the majority would be dinks but i'd say 15-20 pounders could be possible. also i believe it goes into lake zorinsky which i would think fish would come up from their also. it would be great for minnows chubs and carp just for bait also.
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    Spent several years fishing up/down it some years back. From north and west of Omaha down to papillion. Would work several miles at a time and fish it for the bait and for catfish. Was fun. Several beautiful stretches north and west were sadly having housing or commercial built up to them and its sad to see the landscape change.
    I learned my best success was when water was stable conditions as after a rain it gushes and had muddy water conditions that are tough to get a bite.
    There is a whole diversity there.

    There are 10-15lbers (maybe bigger) cats and carp there I have caught that size.

    When the reservoirs are full and dumping consistantly then big fish of all types will come out of spillways and be caught there and fish will swim upriver to feed from discharges. The biggest fish IMO would be in lower portions closer to the Missouri as spillways have not been discharging much last few years.
    The creek "rages" at times from runoff and not reservoir releases so I would think the lower portions are better closer to M. river. Just dont think there is much to hold big fish in the upper stretches when water isnt consistently high.

    Good fishing

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    omaha, nebraska
    never tried the papillion creek for anyting but bait. used to live about a half block away. could catch some really nice chubs. forgot about even getting bait from it. thanks for the reminder. I'm gonna go monday and get some chubs. good luck.