PAPABEAR's first attempt at chum bags

Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by papabear108, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. papabear108

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    North Carolina
    I have been contemplating this idea for a while now and finally got to make it this week. I am looking for your thoughts and reactions to improve it.

    1. pair of panty hose.

    2. panfish leftovers

    3. blender

    4. cooking oil. (Didn't have any fish oil)

    5. Freezer bags

    How to do it: I caught some bream out of my pond big enough to eat, but I am gearing up for catfishing so I prepped them for that purpose. Cut the heads off at angle to include gut pocket and placed them in freezer bag. Scaled and filleted the body for bait and bagged them. Took the scraps, three whole small bream and some cooking oil and added it all into a blender. Chopped it until it made one nasty looking shake. tied off the bottom of the stocking and poured in half of the solution. Ditto second stocking. Placed in freezer bags and froze.

    So what do ya'll think of my chum bags?:smile2:

    Brian "BEAR" Lantz
  2. Dirtdobber

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    Vian Okla
    Sounds like a good idea. Let us know how it works. I have never used cooking oil, so I'm wondering how it will work.

  3. Mickey

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    A small amount of Menhaden oil will work good with that mixture.
  4. daystarchis

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    I agree a lil Manhaden oil to the mixture. Let us know how it works:wink:
  5. Catpaw

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    I take it your single :smile2: Or have a secert shop to do this in ?:wink:
  6. papabear108

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    North Carolina
    Naw, my wife bought me a blender for my birthday because I told her about my plans over the winter and she wasn't about to let me ruin the kitchen. I did it in my driveway so she and I are happy.:wink:
  7. Jollymon

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    Wilm .N.C
    sounds like a smart wife u have
  8. John(Bullhead)Hagen

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    Hi Sounds a bit to tight to put a slick out,but mix may work.We use 2 inch PVC. one cap and one screw type cap on other end about 10 inches long.With rope put thru a hole in the end and a knot,that way cap can unscrew.Take your mixture and pore in to PVC and freeze whole.Our tupe piece has holes drilled about every inch around it from top to bottom.You take masking tape and wrap the holes if your mix is thin before you pour in,once froze the tape come right off and your ready to go.We use a blend a little thicker and bigger so it dont come out of our holes as easy but have used thin also and had to tape.Sometime try fresh water clams that have been soured for a few days on the counter not rotten just a little sour smelling 4 days in refrigerator on two on bench in garage at 60 to 70 degrees leave lid a little loose pulse on a blender and i think you may be happy.To sour your clams take them out of shell keep all the juice you can and put them in a fruit jar till about 2 inches from the top then add a tablespoon of brewers yeast to get them going. Add a little cornmeal to thicken if you want.PS our holes are 1/4 inch.
  9. brew1961

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    I thought about chumming too. I thought I would get a 1/2 gallon plastic milk jug. Make my mixture, funnel it into the container. Freeze it. Once I get out to my stop, get ready to anchor, punch several holes in the container. Toss the anchor out, slide the container down the rope. As it melts it will leave out a sent trail. Of course you'd want to be fishing down stream. I have never tried this but I have heard of it being done in Alaska fishing for Halibut. Thanks, Tim
  10. team salmon

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    When I went to alaska our guide told us in chumming you want to get the fish to feeding by giving them a little food. If they smell it AND find it they go nuts!!! :wink:Fish know when other fish are feeding and not just trying to find food. If ya think about it that makes sense. This is how he achieved it in 200ft of water - take a paper lunch sack and place cut bait into it - then tie you're line around the top after twisting the bag closed "make sure to make plenty of loops so the bag does not tear off) leave a tag end aprox 12 inchs below the bag and tie on a heavy weight - sink it to the bottom and wait a few seconds for the bag to become saturated - jerk the rod tip and the bag tears releasing the chum at the bottom!! I've used this method with cut chunks of shad and the fish I've cleaned where filled with the stuff. Be ready when they hit because they become aggresive and it's not the tap tap that catfish are known for!!! Circle hooks are great in this situation and sometimes you have to decide what pole to reel in first! My choice is the one with the rod tip in the water:smile2:
  11. delbert bumbleshoot

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    Overland Park,Kansas
    I have 2 old metal minnow bucket inserts with the holes that flow through.knock the styrafoam out that makes them float. tie a rope to the handle put rocks in the bottom and put in your chum.I like your ideas for chum I would also add that old bottle of fish attractant, anise oil,menhaden oil, old cutbait ,crappie or bluegill guts and old meat from the fridge will work especially sausage or hot dogs.
  12. ccat

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    First off, all the posts on this chumming are great.
    Here is my two cents worth.
    I have people keep those mesh bags that oranges and other fruit come in. I think I have had a few turkey bags given to me.
    I put whatever I think will work in them. Normally I put frozen shad I have had leftover from the previous year that are taking up room for newer shad I might put in the freezer.
    I have chummed around trotlines and jugs. For the trotline, I tie the bag off about the middle of the trotline with a rock in it for weight. In my mind, this does two things. It adds chum to the area of the trotline and it helps weigh the trotline down.
    For chumming when jugging, I sink the mesh bag on the end of a jug line. I weigh it down so it won't move and then set out jugs in the area of that chum-jug. I did have a time the chum-jug was moved about 20 yards from where I set it. There didn't seem to be wind or current that would have moved it. It might have been a turtle or catfish. The bag was still in tact. I figured it would be all torn.
    If you do this sinking method with jugs, tie if off where you can retrieve it. We sure don't need anymore stuff littering our lakes.
    Hope this helps.
  13. gardengrz

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    hey , try this, it works. get a bucket of KFC and eat it saveing the bones in a mesh bag. weight it with a rock and tie it to a string. thatll getum to you the rest is up to you.:big_smile::cool2:
  14. beertools

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    I have never chummed before but I know someone who swears buy taking a tub of chicking livers and/or fish scraps after cleaning and put them in a blender and makes them into a goo. Then he puts them in a old cool whipped bowl with some rocks and glues the lid on. Then he freezes the bowl. Then he drills hole all in the bowl. Throw it into the water and wait 1 hour. I'm not a fan of throw plastic bowls in the water but, he says he has caught 25 cats in 2 hour doing this!!!!!
  15. SSgt Fishslayer

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    for anyone that has been in the military, you know what a laundry bag is. for those that havent and do not know what they are, it is a mesh bag that will hold about 65 lbs of laundry that you can throw the whole thing in the wash and it will get it clean (or close to it). these things work great as chum bags, and they are relatively cheap. they hold up well and store away easily. plus it saves you having to clean up trash or drilling anything. all you need to do is mix your chum up, freeze it in wahtever container you like, then when you are ready to get to your spot, dump the frozen mix in the bag, pull the drawsting closed, tie it off, and then attach to rope/anchorline/ hang off side of boat/or whatever. if you are going to change spots, pull it up, put it in a bucket, and take off. when you get to your new spot just toss it out and you are back in bussiness.
  16. jtrew

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    Be sure to use a good mesh bag that you have spend some bucks on. Not only will it hold up, but you'll be certain to retrieve it, rather than letting it litter the bottom of the lake or river. :wink: