Pan Size Catfish Catcher

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    Original post made by John D. Keith(John Keith) on August 25, 2003

    pan size cat catcher. soft dough bait.
    things needed
    bottom half of minnow bucket
    bird seed from Wal mart ( 2# bag is enough )
    vanilla extract ( 2 tablespoons full )
    2 cups flour
    1 cup corn starch
    1 spoonful sweet anise oil

    make this outside if you value your wife. do not spill on clothes.

    1. pour dry birdseed into minnow bucket
    2. add water to cover birdseed about 1 inch
    3. let sit in sun outside for 1 week keep enough water in bucket to
    just keep seed covered.
    4. save water, dump seed.
    5. add 2 tablespoons vanilla extract to bucket
    6. add spoonfull of sweet anise oil ( or sardine oil )to bucket
    7. mix flour and corn starch together dry
    8. add flour and corn starch to water slowly and stir till it won't
    9. put on cheap rubber gloves
    10. knead by hand as you add more flour and corn starch.
    11. too dry add more birdseed water
    12. too wet add more flour and corn starch
    13. bait to be used on #6 trebel, 1/2 oz egg sinker, with PR3 reuseable split shot as a stopper. catches channels from 1 to 5 #.
    If you want a stronger but more pleasent smell, blend an over ripe banana and pour into bucket before the flour.
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