Palmer Lakes ?

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  1. Manny

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    Arnold, Mo
    A friend of mine was talking to me of a place called Palmer Lakes. He said i drove very close to it on my way to Council Bluffs.

    I did a search for it ended up finding nothing on it.

    Has anyone heard of it ?

    Or fished it ? :confused2:
  2. Grumper

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    Crystal City MO
    I've been to Palmer Lake several times. I used to ride fourwheelers there. It is actually one of a few lakes there in the Mark Twain National forest. It is only about 10 minutes away from Council Bluffs. Go through Belgrade Mo, on route C, and pass up the road that council bluffs is on. Go a couple of miles and it is on the right. It's pretty much a two lane gravel road. You can't miss it. I have never catfished it, but it is full of bass and baitfish, even though I have heard of people catching catfish out of it. It is a fairly big lake probably half the size of Council Bluffs. Hope this helps.

  3. dust_stl

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    I fish Palmers about 2 times a year..just like gmvk said stay on c look for gravel road on the right take gravel road for about 200 yards take 1st right which is another gravel road that will go down to the launch..if you want to call it one..The boat launch is real crappy better have a 4x4. Really good bass and crappie lake never tried cats but theres probably a few big ones. Also watch out there is this old guy 80+ lives out of his jeep on the lake and he will try to talk to you for hours upon hours and he will show you pictures of fish that he caught way back in the year 1969. No joke. He's told me the same story and showed me the same pictures for the last 6 years.