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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Salmonid, Jan 8, 2007.

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    Im looking to paint the bottom and sides of my aluminum welded johnboat. (the SS Smurf Boat for those who have seen it) its bright blue right now and along the sides, paint has chipped off leaving 2 different coats of paint beneath it. this is what really looks bad. Now my question is how should I prep the existing layers of paint ( No, Im not gonna sand it down, would take months to get every nook and cranny) Just want to paint over it where it will stick as good as possible. Next question is what type of paint should I use ? I need one that is smooth, thick and will stick good to existing paint.

    Lastly, I might try to get a paint sprayer but worst case will use spray cans which sounds tacky but this in need to prep the boat and make it sellable. Even spray painted would look better then the multi color thing I got going on, Ideas? thoughts?

    Any help would be great as this will be my winter project I am about to start.

    Thanks Salmonid
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    I remember when I first went into the US Army. One of the favorite sayings was... "if it's rusty, paint it". Gosh, that was 46 years ago now. How time flies. At any rate, everytime I see something old that is freshly painted, I wonder exactly how rusty was that thing. Probably work like that if I ever saw your boat. LOL Most people are not purchasing on old boat based on its good paint job, and most have an idea as to the worth of an old boat and fresh paint is not going to raise that idea. So, I'd say, only paint the boat if it is a labor of love. And if it is that, sand it and do it right.
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    Get on cabelas websight and look up there duck boat paint.It comes in 5 or 6 colors and sticks to just about anything.I would still recomend at least scuffing it with a RED scotchbrite pad with some soapy water just to get it clean and give tha paint a chance to stick.Good Luck

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    if ya can get ahold of a pressure washer they will blast off a lot of the old paint. this will take off paint that even light sanding wont.