Painting John Boat..what kind of paint?

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    Getting ready to repaint my 1448 john boat. What type of paint is recommended and where could I get it? About 4 years ago I went to the farm store and bought a gallon of enamel paint, it did not hold up to water very well. Also do I NEED to sandblast down to the metal or can I just pressure wash all the flaking paint off and paint over the top? And lastly is it better to spray with a gun or can I just use a brush? The boat does not need to look "pretty" as it is a redneck river john, I just want it re-coated. Thanks for any tips or suggestions.
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    I have a 10ft alum that I am thinkin of scuffing with scratch pad, quick spray of yellow/green primer and then ?
    krylon? auto enamel? or just what the ???? spray paint.:confused2:

    I am not tryin to win any awards, just add color to bare alum.

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    Paint doesnt stick to non-ferrous metals well. You must use a etching primer on the bare aluminum first. These primers usually contain phosphoric acid so dont breathe it! After the primer you can apply whatever type of paint you want.
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    I just painted one this year. It had been spray painted camo, when I bought it, but it looked like crap. I sanded it first with a foam sanding block. I didn't take it to the metal, just went over good enough to remove any loose paint and dirt. Next, I used a spray primer. For the base coat I used Pettit # 3305 Duck boat brown. I mixed it with about 10% thinner, Pettit #120/T-10. I rolled on the base coat where I could and brushed it where the roller didn't fit. The roller gave it a nice textured finished. Then I made some stencils one with vertical slots to give it a tree bark like look. I painted that over the entire surface with Flat brown spray paint "Krylon Camouflage". Next, I made three differant sized grass stencils, and painted them Flat green and Beige. The stencils are pain in the rear to make, but it gives it a good look. I really don't know how it will hold up over time, but I been pretty rough on so far and it doing fine.

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    Give skunk master a pm and ask him to post here he has a boat that I repainted back in 2002, I went over the outside with a scotch bright pad then sprayed it olive drab green "with a spray gun" then the other colors were Krylon can paint... it has ALWAYS stayed outside in all seasons.. he will be able to tell ya how it looks now,, "I havent seen it in 2 1/2 years"