Painting a jon boat question

Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by LakeHoustoncatkiller, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. LakeHoustoncatkiller

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    Ok, I need to repaint my 14' jon boat and had a couple questions. How should you prepare it for painting? It has been painted before. Will this work that I found?

    "recipe from some fishing magazine years ago... worked on my 12' pond boat... still in good shape today:

    Wash the "to be painted" area with soap and water, be sure the soap (Dawn is what I used) has a "degreaser" agent. After it has dried, wash the area with vinegar (acid) and water."

    What kind of paint should I buy?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. slabmaster

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    Steel flex epoxy. It's the stuff they use on air boats in FLA. It is extremly tough when it dries. hope i am not out of line but if you get time check out a site called TINBOATS.NET . look around in jon boat conversions . hope this helps

  3. Wabash River Bear

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    If you are going to sand it down to bare aluminum, you will need to spray it with an etching primer.
  4. catfisherman_eky3

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    let us know how your boat does once you finish it
  5. 1sporticus

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    Why on earth would you want to paint it? Look at all of the character it has, and all of the places it's been. Just keep it slimed up and it'll be fine. LOL
    Later Andy
  6. PeeDee Cat

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    My Friend think twice before you take on this project. I am going thru this right now. I have been putting it off for a couple of years. My boat had 5 layers of paint on it. Took all the paint down to the bare alum. Ordered the primer from Cabela's last week looking for it any day. Let me tell you that if I had to do it again I would NOT. Too much work very time consuming. 10 years ago would not have been any problem. Today I am to old, woreout and aggrivated to tackle a job like this. But laying all jokes aside the transom in my boat had seen its better days. The boat is a 1989 landau jon boat it has been modified over the years in several different ways. I wan't go there today. Don't have the time maybe later. I will just say that after being in the sheetmetal fabrication business for 30yrs. I have done several boat modifications over the yrs. to a number of boats. The old gray mule ain't what it use to be. If U have the time and desire go for it. Speaking of paint U can use Parker paint can be ordered from Cablea's also.
    Good luck & Good Fishing
  7. cantstopgrandma

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    For the best results i would sand the boat down to bare aluminum. Then you can wash it with dish soap and water. Next wipe it down with some kind of painting prep. This will remove any remaining fingerprints, dirt, etc. Next put a self etching primer on it. A lot of these primers are marketed as aluminum primers. After the primer is on, you can use just about anything paint wise. A lot of people who want a really nice looking boat use automotive paint. Enamel paints are really tuff too. Just remember the better your prep work, the better the final product.

    Personally its more work than i'd go through for a jon boat, but then again, my boat isn't used just for fishing. I wll duck hunt out of my jon boat, which means mud, marsh, decoys being hauled over the side and guns and push poles banging the side of the boat. Nope, its rattle cans for me all the way. This is why i bought an aluminum boat; I didn't want to worry about paint.