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    Does anybody have any recommendations on paint? I have an old partial v bottom boat that the previous owner painted with blue rust oleum, which has flaked off extensively, and I hate the color. I want to paint it just duck boat or jon boat green, but need to know what type of paint is good, or not. Also, does anybody have any experience with the rubberized boat floor paint that cabelas sells? Is it any good?
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    Kerrville Texas
    i painted my old 14ft jonboat with spray paint. i started with a yellow primer and then the green (hunter green if i remember). I used lots of paint, probably 4 cans of primer n 6 green, but painted outside with no wind protection n wasted a bunch.
    as far as the boat floor paint, on an old jon boat,i wouldnt spend extra on something specially called boat floor paint. I talked to a guy at a boat repair place about sealin up the leaks in my boat and he says that he recommends pouring a gallon or two regular cheapo latex paint in the floor of the boat, slosh it around so it gets down in every channel and corner, then let it dry. i havent tried that yet.
    lol, my old boat prolly has more jb weld on it than aluminum anymore.

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    My first boat was a old aluminum rental boat from as state park with about a million coat of paint, I used stripper and removed all the paint and washed and primed with good quality meddle(sp) primer I belive it's Rustolum brand, if it is a aluminum you will need to wash it with a acid to help it to ahear, I used a spray gun to apply the primer { it was greeish in color not OD but close) next I applied a pattern of diffrent earth tones to make it camo, Now you can get a camo colors form most home improvement stores, once again rustolum makes these in spray can, The qulaity of you paint job all depends on prep of the surface. a note removing old paint my reveal old leaks being sealed by the paint you just removed but fear not most of my fellow waterfowlers pretty much feel that spraying rino liner inside the boat seals it rather well and reduces noise.