Paint-plain-or what? Aluminum boat bottom

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by curveball, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. curveball

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    Saint Clairsville, Ohio
    To clean up the bottom of my 16 ft aluminum boat I plan to get the alummi-bright or whatever it is called to clean and then I am at a loss of what to do. I want to make the bottom as smooth and fast as possible to reduce drag to help my Johnson 9.9. Do I paint it and if so, with what type and kind of paint? Do I just wax it? If so, again what kind of wax should it be?

    I am thankful for all the help given...
  2. Mark J

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    There are two camps on the theory of slick hulls.
    One is that a slick hull is faster.
    The other is that a rough hull will break the vacuum and that the friction of the water will actually be less because there isnt as much frictionable surface.
    I've seen it posted here before by Bobpaul I think that the drag boats have a rough finish on the bottom.

    Even so with your setup the difference in what you probally have now and the end product you are looking for wouldn't be noticable assuming that the bottom of your boat dont look like a tater chip.

    Alumabright works good. I cleaned my pontoons with a similar product labled under Duragloss. I got it at NAPA in a one gallon container. Its liquid and you can use it full strength or water it down. Its an acid like Alumabrigt.
    9 bucks and change a gallon. One gallon full strength was enough for 2-24 foot pontoons. It doesnt strip paint. but will clean aluminum.

    Now you got me thinking. Alumabright it , get a buffer and polish the aluminum.
    The other night I was searching some products on the web and came across an aluminum polish they were using with high speed buffers.
    They had aluminum pontoons looking just like chrome. It was amazing.
    That would be the most simple and cost effective way.
    If you paint it you'll have to keep painting it.

  3. RivrLivn

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    I would suggest leaving the bottom unpainted, then when you hit the rocks and gravel you're not taking off your paint.
    Mark is correct, I have spoken to a number of people that race the aluminum boats and most have there own "special" pattern for roughing up the bottom to make them go faster.
    There is a good product called SharkHide that is for bare aluminum and makes it very easy to keep clean, but it is a dull finish and I don't think it helps with speed.
  4. Mickey

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    Your question is about a 9.9 hp. I don't beleve you could gain enough with painting/polishing the bottom to make a noticeable difference. You might want to Kit that engine and look at weight distribution or placement to show a noticeable difference. Higher grade of fuel might help. Just thinking out loud.:lol:
  5. waterwalker

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    I agree with Mick, I would look for a little more HP.
  6. curveball

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    Saint Clairsville, Ohio
    Great thoughts Gentlemen:

    I would love to go more HP but I'm told to go from a 9.9 to a 15, the carb, the reeds and installation would be right at $400. That's pretty rich for this retired blood.

    I have built a set back and also set the motor up as per suggestion from BobPaul and others.

    Weight is pretty much balanced through out the boat. Still trying to get some aluminum to rebuild the front deck and remove the 3/4" plywood (pressure treated at that). I know that will help.

    AM ALSO ON A DIET AS per my Doctor for my kidney problems and possible heart problems (stress test on Feb. 26) all due to sugar diabetics. Weight is 235 (heaviest of my life) due to health problem limiting exercise, (But, I can still just to conclusions.)

    I believe I will just clean the bottom of the boat and leave it naked and bare. Thank you Guys for the help. God bless
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    Well my boat is factory paint . If you paint yours just buy a real good marine paint and you should be fine.